Grundy County Public Safety

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Special Rebanding Programming

  • This system uses a shuffled bandplan which is different from the standard rebanding bandplan.

Uniden Scanners

Base Lower Base Upper Step Offset
851.0125 854.000 25 kHz -319
851.0125 868.9875 12.5 kHz -559
851.0250 1 868.9875 25 kHz -759
  • 1: Other shuffled systems might use 851.0125 or 851.0000, instead. The above is correct for Grundy. RRDB indicates shuffled band plan entries by using negative numbers for the offsets.


Lo Ch Hi Ch Offset Base freq Step
494 494 494 851.8250 25.00
465 465 465 852.1875 25.00
427 427 427 852.6625 25.00
393 393 393 853.0875 25.00
347 347 347 853.6625 25.00
440 559 440 851.0250 25.00

The above GRE band plan is specific to Grundy. It would not apply to any other "shuffled" system.


Public Works talkgroups:

Many talkgroups are being used by snow plows. Below are talkgroup usage notes from March 2013. If you have additional information, please update this page and submit it to the database.

  • 2448 - City of Morris Public Works (heard Snow Plows and misc. work ALL in city limits of Morris)
  • 2320 - Multiple Southern Townships / Wondering if County Public Works is divided by North/Central/ South?mGrundy South Public Works? Heard a plow from TG 2256 talking about taking out a stop sign, then switched over to TG 2320 to report "One of my drivers took out one of your stop signs"
  • 2288 - Heard Grundy Dispatch - Possible link from Grundy Dispatch to Public Works. Heard Grundy Dispatch advising plow drivers that "Boulder Dr., Morris wasn't plowed yet." Plow (director?) then switched to TG 2448 to advise the driver in that area.
  • 2064 - Listed as "Work 2" Heard rural Grundy Co. Snow Plows (Grundy South Public Works?). Southern Cities mentioned. Scully Rd. mentioned. Brooklyn mentioned. Heavy Greenfield Township.
  • 2384 - Possible Gooselake Township Public Works? Heard Felix 1 to Felix 2. Maybe Felix Township OR Central Grundy Public Works?
  • 2416 - Possible Goodfarm Township? / Grundy South Public Works?
  • 2256 - Heard a ISPERN tx on this TG (strange, bleedover?) Also heard a Grundy County Sheriff tx on this TG. Fairly confident this is Wauponsee Township. (Central Grundy Public Works?)
  • 2352 - I think this TG is Grundy North Public Works (Heard "Nettle Creek 1 from Nettle Creek 2"). Also hearing AuxSable Township. A mention of Saratoga Township. (Again, is county divided by North/Central/ South?)

-Individual units (Snow Plows) all have assigned routes. -Call signs (by township) indicate that some talkgroups cover multiple townships which leads me to believe that the county Public Works may be divided into sections.