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La Vernia Fire and Wilson CO. SO. is heard on the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Talk Around Channel (GCSO T/A)
==Guadalupe County Unit Numbers==
==Guadalupe County Unit Numbers==
*2XXs: Seguin PD
*2XXs: Seguin PD

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Guadalupe County Unit Numbers

  • 2XXs: Seguin PD
  • 12Xs: Constables?
  • 13Xs: Courthouse? heard reference to prisoner transport also
  • 14X-19X: Guadalupe County Sheriff's Deputies
  • 70X: Guadalupe County Animal Control (701 is supervisor)
  • 753: heard transporting prisoners to locations outside of Guadalupe County
  • K91-K94: Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office Canine Officers
  • 653Xs: Texas DPS- Guadalupe County (GCSO Ch. 3)

Fire Tone-Outs

Department         Channel      Tone A   Tone B
Mc Queeney VFD     North        1743     834
New Berlin         South        1530     1287
Kingsbury                       643      1287