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* [ AC6V antenna links]
* [ AC6V antenna links]
* [[Basic HF Antennas]]
* [[Basic HF Antennas]]
* [ Beverage Antenna Transformers]
* [ DX Zone Antennas Catalog]
* [ DX Zone Antennas Catalog]
* [ The Antenna Elmer]
* [ The Antenna Elmer]

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No doubt about it, without a good antenna, no matter how good the receiver, you will not hear much of anything. These links should help even a newcomer feel comfortable about selecting and installing a HF antenna. There's several technical links for the experimenters in us, along with several commercial retailers. Warm up those soldering irons and get busy!

If you're a newcomer or old hat, or anywhere in between, when installing antennas, Safety First.
Make this link a must read. Don't become a statistic!

Commercial Retailers

Active Antennas

Other Manufacturers/Suppliers

MW (AM Band) Rejection Filters

Homebrew and Technical

Where to start?

What about indoors?

Technical and construction topics

MFJ Antenna Talk series

Indexed Links

AMANDX Indexed Articles

Magnetic Longwire Baluns (MLBs)


Yahoo and other Groups

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