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Links to Source Data

These links represent websites used in assembling this document.

Callsigns and Identifiers

Sonograms and Audio Samples

These websites contain sonograms (and in some cases, audio samples) of various non-amateur digital modes. These might be helpful in identifying a mode with which you're not familiar.

If you know of any other sites, please feel free to add them here.

Suggested Reading

Here we present links to additional sources of information and background.

If you know of any other sources of useful information, please don't hesitate to add them here.

  • See the ALE Networks page for a set of links for a comprehensive list where ALE operation can be found

Virtual Audio Devices

With many - though not all- digital decoding programs, you will need software to route audio from the SDR. This is done through virtual audio devices; links to software for doing this are presented below. Any additions to this list are welcome.

Other Resources

Numbers Stations

Data based on the original DigiFAQ 5.3, copyright 1995-1997 by Mike Chace-Ortiz and Stan Skalsky, 1995-2010 by Worldwide Utility News. All rights reserved, and used with permission