Hays County (TX)

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Live Audio

Hays County, Texas: Live Audio Feeds


  • Buda Fire Department
  • Buda Police Department
  • East Hays County Fire Department
  • Hays County Sheriff's Office
  • Hay's County Sheriff's Office Animal Control
  • Hays County Constables
    • Pct. 1: San Marcos
    • Pct. 2: Kyle
    • Pct. 3: Wimberley
    • Pct. 4: Dripping Springs
    • Pct. 5: Buda
  • Kyle Fire Department
  • Kyle Police Department
  • North Hays County Volunteer Fire Department
  • San Marcos Animal Control
  • San Marcos Fire Department
  • San Marcos Hays County Emergency Medical Services
  • San Marcos Park Rangers
  • San Marcos Police Department
  • South Hays County Fire Department
  • Texas Department of Public Safety- San Marcos
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Texas State University Police Department
  • Wimberley Volunteer Fire Department

Hays County ESDs/VFDs

ESD 3 South Hays Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • Station 11 3528 Hunter Road San Marcos, TX 78666
    • Engine 11
    • SMHCEMS Medic 11
    • Tender 11
    • Brush 11
    • Utility 11
    • Chief 11
  • Station 12 8301 Ranch Road 12 San Marcos, TX 78666
    • Engine 12
    • Tender 12
    • Brush 12
  • Station 13 3300 Hilliard Rd San Marcos, TX 78666
    • Engine 13
    • Tender 13
    • Brush 13

City of Buda Public Safety

Buda Police Department

BudaPD officially took over patrol responsibilities from HaysSO on October 20th, 2010. They are currently being dispatched by the HaysSO on their talkgroup (HaysSO Disp 1 0777), though might eventually contract with the City of Kyle dispatch center. There are 9 commissioned officers at this moment, staffed with 4 patrol vehicles, and two unmarked vehicles.

 Confirmed BudaPD Unit Numbers

Hays County Public Safety

Hays County Sheriff's Office

  • 1100s
    • 1110s- BudaPD, see above.
  • 1200s
  • 2100s
    • 2110s
    • 2120s
    • 2130s
    • 2140s
    • 2150s
    • 2160s
    • 2170s
    • 2180s
  • 2200s
    • 2230s
      • 2234- Hays High School Officer
      • 2236- Dripping Springs Middle School Officer
      • 2237- Lehman High School Officer
      • 2238- Lehman High School Officer
      • 2239- Simon Middle School Officer
    • 2250s
    • 2260s
      • 2262- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2263- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2264- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2265- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2267- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2268- Hays County Justice Center
      • 2269- Hays County Justice Center
    • 2270s
    • 2280s
      • 2284- Hays County ACO
      • 2285- Hays County ACO
      • 2286- Hays County ACO
      • 2288- Hays County ACO
    • 2290s
  • 2500s
    • 2501- unknown (ACO?- see San Marcos Animal Control)
  • 3100s- Sergeants?
    • 3110s
    • 3120s
  • 3200s- Sergeants/Investigators?


 Abbreviations/Common Terms
 1307: Hays LEC (ex: "2150 en route to 1307 with one 10-95, Single X")
 Code 6: Subject is Wanted
 Code 8: ?
 GOA: Gone on Arrival
 Single X: One Female (also use double, triple, etc. in reference to transports)
 Single Y: One Male (also use double, triple, etc. in reference to transports)

Hays County Sheriff's Office uses 10-codes that are slightly different from Texas DPS.

 10-17 En Route/ En Route from _________
 10-23 Arrived on scene
 10-32 Armed
 10-84 ?

I believe Hays County Sheriff's Office might be dispatching deputies by MDT (which they refer to as "paging"). Units are calling with "received page." I'm not sure that this is a pager, as fire units would have.

Hays County Constables

Hays County Constables have been confirmed on LCRA talkgroups 0793-0797; Precincts 1-5 respectively.

 Constable Talkgroup Notes
 0793- 800 (Dispatch or Office), 801, 802, 803, 804, 805
 0795- 830, 831, 832, 833, 834 "CON 3"
 0796- 840, 842 "CON 4"
 0797- 852, 853, 859 "CON 5"
Hays County Precinct Map

There are 5 Precincts as shown in the map.

  • 800: Pct. 1 Constable Office?
  • 801: Pct. 1 Constable?
  • 802-805: Pct. 1 Deputy Constables?
  • 820-82X: Pct. 2 Deputy Constables
  • 830: Pct. 3 Constable Office?
  • 831-83X: Pct. 3 Constables
  • 840-84X: Pct. 4 Constables
  • 850-85X: Pct. 5 Constables

Constable's Offices

  • Precinct 1: 111 E. San Antonio Street Room 104 San Marcos, Texas 78666
  • Precinct 2: 105 Center St. Kyle, Texas 78640
  • Precinct 3: 14306 Ranch Rd 12 Wimberley, Texas 78676
  • Precinct 4: 195 Roger Hanks Parkway #3 Dripping Springs, Texas 78620
  • Precinct 5: PO Box 236 Buda, Texas 78610

City of Kyle Public Safety

Kyle Police Department

  • 700s- Police Officers (I have heard up to 750)
  • 751- City of Kyle Animal Control Officer

City of San Marcos Public Safety

San Marcos Fire Department

 SMFD Unit Numbers
 600- Fire Chief
 601- Asst. Fire Chief
 602- Asst. Fire Chief

Fire Station 1- Central: 114 E. Hutchison St.*
Fire Station 2: 1314 Academy St.
Fire Station 3: 2420 Hunter Rd.
Fire Station 4: 404 Broadway
Fire Station 5: 100 Carlson Circle

*- Central Fire Station is closed for renovations. The central district is served by Station 5, as of July 2010.

 Apparatus Assignments:
 Common Terms:
 Box or Knox Box:  key box, by Knox Box for entering locked buildings

San Marcos/Hays County Emergency Medical Services

  • Command 51: EMS Director
  • Command 52: EMS Supervisor (drives SMHCEMS Expedition)
  • Medic 51: 1305 IH35 North San Marcos, TX (SMHCEMS offices- "Station 1", main station, reserve ambulances- Uhland & Niederwald response, and mutual aid response to Northeast Guadalupe County.)
  • Medic 52: 114 E. Hutchison St. San Marcos, TX (shared with SMFD Central Stn.-which will be moving soon to a location off River Ridge Pkwy. Stay tuned for an update)
  • Medic 53: 150 Bunton Creek Rd. Kyle, TX (at Kyle FD; Kyle, Mountain City response)
  • Medic 54: 209B Jack C. Hays Trail Buda, TX (behind Buda FD)
  • Medic 55: located at Medic 1 Station (interfacility transfers and reserve for SM- usually takes out of city limits calls for Medic 1)
  • Medic 56: 14121 Hwy. 290 Dripping Springs, TX (Henly response also)
  • Medic 57: 111 EMS Drive Dripping Springs, TX (shared office with North Hays Cty ESD #1)
  • Medic 58: Replacement/standby ambulance at events (football games, festivals); Station 1?
  • Medic 59: transports? Station 1?
  • Medic 10: standby at local events (athletic events/local events)

San Marcos Park Rangers

  • 83Xs-84Xs

San Marcos Police Department

San Marcos Police has 94 officers on 3 shifts, Day, Evening and Midnight, each shift containing 2 platoons, an A and B. Each platoon consists of about 11-14 officers with 2 sergeants per platoon. San Marcos Police has a downtown foot patrol (mostly on Thursday through Sunday nights), a bicycle patrol (both downtown and at the Outlet Malls), and a motorcycle unit (3). The city is divided in to 5 beats (Adam, Baker, Charlie, David & Edward). Adam 1 being the Day Shift in Adam district, Charlie 3 being a Midnight shift in Charlie district. Extras in a district add a number to the end of their call, ex: David 3-1 (three-one). I've found that any officer (of any rank) will work a beat, so it wouldn't be rare if SMPD Cmdr. 102, worked the Edward 3 shift.

 District        General Boundaries
 Adam:         East of I35 from McCarty to the San Marcos River
 Baker:        West of I35, from Wonderworld Dr south, including the Outlet Malls
 Charlie:      West of I35, including lower campus/downtown
 David:        E & W of I35, from Hwy 80 north, including Aquarena Springs Dr and Hwy 21
 Edward:       West of I35, Bishop St to Craddock Ave, including RR12 and upper campus

Downtown patrol usually runs 10-27s/28s on SMPD Dispatch 2 (tgrp 554) on busy nights.

Unit Numbers

  • 101-105: Commanders
  • 110: Commander (new as of 12/8/2010)
  • 120: unknown (heard on SMPD Disp 1, 11/15/10 1130hrs.)
  • 140-144: Parking Enforcement (not LEOs); are only issued handheld radios.
  • 20X-214: Sergeants
  • 30X-321: Corporals
  • 40X-48X: Patrol Officers
    • 406- San Marcos High School SRO
    • 422- San Marcos High School SRO?
    • 434- Doris Miller Middle School SRO
    • 455- Owen Goodnight Middle School SRO
  • 84X:
    • 831- SM Parks (might be an LEO- constable?)
    • 832- SM Parks (might be an LEO- constable?)
    • 847- SM Parks (might be an LEO- constable?)
  • 90X-9XX: Investigators
  • K9-1: (Corporal) Canine: Benno
  • K9-2: (Officer) Canine: Odin
 Abbreviations/Common Terms:
 ATL:              Attempt to Locate
 Black Pipe:       The San Marcos River turnaround between exits 204A and 205
 Blanco River:     I-35's exit 207, Blanco River Turnaround
 Brown School:     San Marcos Treatment Center, 120 Bert Brown Rd.
 CCH:              Computerized Criminal History
 CERT:             Hays County Community Emergency Response Team
 CIT:              Crash Investigation Team
 The Clock:        Large clocktower on River Ridge Pkwy @ Carlson Circle
 COBAN:            In-car video recording system
 CTMC:             Central Texas Medical Center, 1301 Wonder World Drive
 David-David:      "drunk-driving;" usually in reference to criminal history
 DOA:              Dead on Arrival  
 DOC:              Disorderly Conduct
 Downtown Sub:     Police substation for Downtown patrol, around 100 West Hopkins St.
 EMS Hut:          1305 N. Interstate 35, SMHCEMS Station 1
 Gary:             Gary Job Corps, 2800 Airport Hwy 21 (at the Old Gary AFB/Camp Gary)
 John H. Wood PCD  John H. Wood Private Charter District School 
                   at Hays County Juvenile Detention Center, 2250 Clovis Barker Rd.
 The Map:          Large campus map on Aquarena Springs Drive, by Strahan Coliseum
 MDT:              Mobile Data Terminal (in-car computers)
 Park Sub:         Parks Dept./City Marshals substation, around 1400 West Hopkins St.
 Prime:            Prime Outlet Mall, north of Centerpoint Rd.
 Shell Truck Stop: Shell Station at I-35's exit 204, North of Guadalupe Street
 Single X:         One Female (also use double, triple, etc. in reference to transports)
 Single Y:         One Male (also use double, triple, etc. in reference to transports)
 Tanger:           Tanger Outlet Mall, south of Centerpoint Rd.
 UTL:              Unable to Locate
 UUMV:             Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle

San Marcos Police Department has recently started dispatching ATLs by MDT. Often officers will confirm that they have gone 10-8 through their MDT by saying "Ofc. XXX clear, 10-8 by MDT." It is unclear how much future traffic will switch to MDT dispatching.

San Marcos Animal Control

 Unit Numbers:
 500- San Marcos Animal Shelter
 501- San Marcos Animal Control Officer (might be referred to as "2501" when on HCSO talkgroup
 502- San Marcos ACO
 503- San Marcos ACO
 Unknown San Marcos Unit Numbers:
 Unit 40:
 Unit 47: City Marshal? Fire Marshal? (code violations; runs 27s)

State of Texas Public Safety

Texas State University San Marcos

Texas State University Police Department

Campus Map of Texas State University, from the Texas State University- San Marcos Website.

University Police Department
  • 600: Chief
  • 601-608: Investigators/Sergeants
  • 701-735: UPD Patrol Officers
Access Services (Grounds Security/Keyholders)
  • 801: Security Services Sgt.
  • 810-815: Security Services
Parking Services
  • 060: Parking Services Sgt.
  • 061-080: Parking Services
Bobcat Bobbies- Student Escorts
  • 900-915: Student Escorts "Bobcat Bobbies"

Unknown LCRA Talkgroups used in Hays County

 0789- this is probably coming from Hays County Courthouse or the Justice Center. 
 Talk of transporting prisoners, reading dockets, trials, lawyer visits, etc.

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