Hendricks County (IN)

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County-wide Dispatch System

All Hendricks County public safety agencies use Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T (Motorola) for dispatch and tactical communications. All dispatching is handled by the Hendricks County Communications Center located in Plainfield. There are four SAFE-T sites in Hendricks County (Plainfield, northwest of Danville, Clayton, and Brownsburg). They are operated as a simulcast system in that all towers use the same frequencies and handle the same traffic.

30761-029 (7829-1D) Hendricks County Simulcast851.150000 852.137500 852.387500 852.537500 853.400000 853.412500a 853.887500c 855.712500


In addition to the Project SAFE-T talkgroups, Hendricks County Fire radios are programmed with 853.0125 MHz FM simplex PL 156.7 Hz as a talkaround channel. This channel is often used as a Fireground channel where SAFE-T repeater coverage is poor.

County Law Enforcement Numbering

All law enforcement units in the county use a common unit numbering system consisting of a city or agency designation, then a type designation, then an individual unit number.

The format looks like this:


"cc" is the city or agency designation using the following codes:

  • 9 Danville
  • 11 Pittsboro
  • 12 Plainfield
  • 13 Brownsburg
  • 14 Avon
  • 32 Hendricks County Sheriff Department

"A" is the type designation using the following codes (on the air, the APCO phonetics are used--"Adam", "Charles", "David", "Edward", etc.):

  • A - Administrative
  • C - Corrections (Jail officers)
  • D - Detectives
  • E - Enforcement
  • K9 - Canine officers
  • M - Motorcycle
  • N - Animal Control
  • R - Reserves
  • S - Special, HCSD Civil Division, School police
  • W - Warrant servers

Fire/EMS Department Unit Numbering

(last updated November 2019)

  • 10x Lizton-Union Township
  • 105/106 Liberty Township (Clayton, Cartersburg, Belleville)
  • 111/112 Pittsboro-Middle Township
  • 12x Plainfield Fire Territory (Plainfield, Guilford Twp)
  • 13x Brownsburg Fire Territory (Brownsburg, Brown Twp, Lincoln Twp)
  • 14x Avon-Washington Township
  • 15x Mill Creek District 5 (Amo)
  • 16x Mill Creek District 6 (Coatsville)
  • 17x Mill Creek District 7 (Stilesville)
  • 18x North Salem
  • 19x Danville-Center Township
  • HMD1 Hendricks Regional Health Medical Director of EMS
  • HMD2 Hendricks Regional Health Deputy Medical Director of EMS
  • HRH50 Hendricks Regional Health Community Paramedicine Vehicle

Dispatch designation codes: AM=Ambulance BC=Battalion Chief BT=Boat C=Admin car CT=Gator EG=Engine GR=Grass LD=Ladder MD=Medic SP=Support TN=Tanker

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