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Minneapolis Police Units


Unit ID User
S01 Police Chief
S02 Deputy Chief
S09 Watch Commander
S21 Bureau of Investigation
Txx Training Squads
04x Organized Crime Unit
05x Organized Crime Unit
09x Watch Supervisors
1xx 1st Precinct Squads
2xx 2nd Precinct Squads
3xx 3rd Precinct Squads
4xx 4th Precinct Squads
5xx 5th Precinct Squads
6xx Community Services
8xx Park Police
9xx Traffic / SWAT / K9 Squads
10xx Police Reserve Squads
11xx Detectives
12xx Emergency Response Units
15xx Park Police School Liaisons
16xx Housing Police
18xx U of MN Police
2xxx Metro Transit Police
21xx U of MN Police
61xx 1st Precinct Off Duty
6100 Target Field Off-Duty Assignment
62xx 2nd Precinct Off Duty
63xx 3rd Precinct Off Duty
64xx 4th Precinct Off Duty
65xx 5th Precinct Off Duty
81xx 1st Precinct Beat Patrols
82xx 2nd Precinct Beat Patrols
83xx 3rd Precinct Beat Patrols
84xx 4th Precinct Beat Patrols
85xx 5th Precinct Beat Patrols
92xx Parking Enforcement