Henry County (IL)

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Henry County

  • As of February 2012, Henry County Sheriff's Dept. has discontinued use of Starcom and has returned to VHF.

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Tri-County Ambulance

  • Base is in Alpha, serving Rio (Knox Co) Alpha, Woodhull (Henry Co) and New Windsor (Mercer Co). Dispatch by all 3 Counties, respond on 154.19 67.0
  • May use Trinity Ambulance Service 463.975 100.0 PL WNZZ983

Hammond Henry District Hospital (Geneseo)

  • WQNP745 - 464.65 Base/Mobile/Pagers (NFM)

Kewanee Hospital

  • 150.79000 KWE724 M KHosp Disaster 1 Disaster Response FMN Hospital
  • 153.99500 KWE724 M KHosp Disaster 2 Disaster Response FMN Hospital
  • 155.17500 KWE724 M KHosp Disaster 3 Disaster Response FMN Hospital
  • 156.00000 KWE724 M KHosp Disaster 4 Disaster Response FMN Hospita

Stark County Ambulance

  • Serves Galva and Bishop Hill, dispatched on 154.19 (67.0)

Municipalities and Districts

Clover Township

Clover Township Fire District

  • 154.19000 WPXL316 BM CSQ CloverTwp FPD Clover Township Fire: Dispatch FMN Fire Dispatch


  • Kewanee Fire Department and Kewanee Community Fire Department dispatched on 154.190 (136.5). Kewanee Community Fire Department also covers a small Portion Of Stark County but is Dispatched by the City Of Kewanee.
  • WQMY930 458.2875 F Water Data (9/10)


Orion Community Fire Protection District

Oxford Township

Oxford (Township) Fire Protection District (Alpha)

  • 159.45750 WQAA846 M OxfdTwp FG/MX Fireground / Mobile Extenders FMN Fire-Tac


  • Police dispatched by Woodhull on 158.76750
  • 159.21750 WQCY605 M Alpha Police MX Police: Mobile Extenders FMN Law Tac


Cambridge Fire Protection District

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Tri-County Ambulance

  • KEW938 FCC Modification, adding 158.94 and 155.235 as Repeaters (158.94 is currently the input). There are multiple licenses for this company. Also licensed for Mobiles on 155.22 and 155.34. Associated Call signs of WPWP244, WPVT435, KZ9884.

Hammond Henry District Hospital (Geneseo)


Kewanee Schools

  • 11/12 FCC App 0005489612 for 20-2wt Portables on 452.3875, 457.3875, 461.7625, 466.6725 (NFM)

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