Henry County (MO)

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Henry County Government

Henry County Joint Communications Center

  • 460.250 Tightwad HENRY WQXE615 Remote Links
  • 460.125 Montrose HENRY WQXE615 Remote Links
  • 465.250 Urich HENRY WQXE615 Remote Links
  • 465.125 Windsor PETTIS WQXE615 Remote Links
  • 453.200 Clinton HENRY WQXE615 Remote Links
  • WQXC423 10 remote links (FX1s) NFM VHF
  • WQXC414 155.145 Rptr/158.865 NFM at Tightwad, Montrose, Urich, Windsor, Clinton
  • WQNV965 for Sheriff on 155.6235 Base/Mobile (NFM)

Henry County Water Company

  • WQOV244 - 152.93 Base/Mobile (NFM Voice)

Henry County Public Water Supply District #3

  • WQQP303 154.4 -7875 for 6K Data

Municipalities and Districts


Calhoun Rural Fire Association



  • Police patrol by Sheriff; EMS by Pettis County Ambulance

Windsor Ambulance District

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital / Ambulance Service

  • 460.2250 Tightwad HENRY WQXE435 Remote Link
  • 460.2125 Montrose HENRY WQXE435 Remote Link
  • 465.2250 Urich HENRY WQXE435 Remote Link
  • 465.2125 Windsor PETTIS WQXE435 Remote Link

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Henry County R1 School District

  • WRUX604 464.0625 Repeater (DMR/NFM) (new 10/22)

Lakeland R3 School District

Located just south of the Henry / St. Clair County line, serves the communities of Lowry City (St. Clair), Deepwater and Brownington (Henry)

Leesville R9 School District (Clinton)

  • WQUW458 - 153.4325, 158.2125 - 25-50wt mobiles (NFM)


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