Horry County (SC)

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Horry County's primary communications system is the Horry County Public Safety Trunked Radio System. Most, if not all, public safety agencies inside Horry County operate off of this system.

  • Horry County Data - This wiki article that contains information about Horry Co PD, Horry Co Fire-Rescue, as well as other city agencies and departments. It also has a complete list of HCPD 10-codes and HCFR fire stations.
  • City of Conway Data - The Conway PD and Conway FD both operate primarily on the HCTRS system. See the Horry County Data article for more information about the consolidation of Conway PD's dispatch into Horry County PD's dispatch.
  • Myrtle Beach Communications - Myrtle Beach Communications is a privately-owned company based in Myrtle Beach that provides radio service to many public safety agencies in the area, as well as local businesses and schools.