Hurricane Katrina

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Radio Systems Status

The following is known about Public Safety Communications Systems in the affected areas:


  • NOPD's Wide Area EDACS ProVoice system is currently DOWN and NOT operational. The system survived the initial hurricane, but subsequent flooding has knocked out generators. Currently, NOPD is working off of NPSPAC-1 and NPSPAC-2, with 1 being dedicated to all east bank operations, and 2 being dedicated to west bank operations. NOFD and EMS operations are unknown at this time.
  • St Tammany Parish's EDACS ProVoice system is currently DOWN and NOT operational. Units are using legacy VHF repeaters (Covington Fire?) for all communications.
  • Most sites for the Lousisiana State Smartzone system are operational, however reports indicate that the North Shore Smartzone sites are currently down. Communications are occuring on the Smartzone system in the New Orleans Metro Area.
    • The Bridge City Site is Down
    • The LaPlace Site is UP
    • Northshore Sites are Down


  • Harrison County EDACS system is currently operational
  • Gulfport - Unknown
  • Biloxi - Unknown


  • Mobile - Unknown

Live Feeds of Public Safety Communications

  • David Hitchner in Baton Rouge is providing a dual stereo from Baton Rouge

- The Right Channel is in Search mode providing all of Baton Rouge's State system site freqs. - The Left channel is providing 345.0 AM US Customs/US Coast Guard Operations. This feed can be found here:

Callsigns in Use on the Louisiana State System

Fuel Mobile 1 -- Fuel Truck
Fuel Mobile 2 -- Fuel Truck
Fuel Mobile 3 -- Fuel Truck seemed to be primarily for medical centers earlier
Pelican 6 -- Military aircraft working rescue operations.
Pelican 3 -- Military aircraft working rescue operations.
Bulldog JOC(?) -- Military Police Joint Ops. Center(?)
State EOC -- Louisiana State Emerg. Ops. Center
Pelican Base -- Aircraft Base.
Eagle Base -- Eagle Base is the Colonels operation location
New Orleans EOC -- New Orleans Emerg. Ops. Center
Defender 1 -- Military Aircraft providing coverage near troops operating in city area (SWAT)
Saint Charles EOC -- St. Charles Emerg. Ops. Center
Region 9 EOC -- Region 9 Emerg. Ops. Center
Bayou77 EOC -- Bayou77 Emerg. Ops. Center
Bulldog 6 -- Military Police Unit
Defender 5 -- Military Aircraft
Essler(?) Ops -- Essler(?) Operations Center
Dragon 15 -- Unk.
Pelican JOC(?) -- Aircraft Joint Ops. Center(?)
Eagle 5 -- Unk.
Defender 6 -- Military Aircraft
Pelican 3 Alpha -- Military Aircraft (Help with the Alpha)
Tiger 5 -- Unk.
Eagle 2 Alpha -- Unk.
Bulldog 3 -- Military Police Unit

Rescue Operations

VHF Operations

  • 123.000 and 123.025 AM is used for helo intercoordination in the New Orleans Metro area.
  • 345.000 is the USCG Primary Air to Air / Air to Ground Frequency
  • Marine Channel 16 (156.8) and 22 (157.100) are used by the USCG for operations.

HF Operations

  • The USCG is using their HF frequencies of 5696 and 8983 USB for long distance commsn.
  • The Department of Homeland Security Assets, USCG, and ICE are using the COTHEN network extensively for comms.

Amateur Radio - Ham Radio Operations

  • 14325 USB - Primary Hurricane Net Related Operations
  • 14265 USB - SATERN Net (Salvation Army Relief Network)