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* Rig Control Interface
* Rig Control Interface
**[ Donner's Rig Control page]
**[ Donner's Rig Control page]
* Radio Database International published a White Paper on this receiver which can be ordered [ here]
* Radio Database International published a White Paper on this receiver which can be ordered [ here]
* [ User Manual (20MB-Pdf)]
* [ User Manual (20MB-Pdf)]
* [ Service Manual (46MB-Pdf)]
* [ Service Manual (46MB-Pdf)]

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On this page I have collected everything I could find on the net pertaining to the Icom IC-R9000. It is a fantastic receiver, and is always fun to operate. It is filled with features and is a great all around receiver. With its 5 inch amber CRT (or LCD) display it is still unmatched by any wide-band receiver.

Icom IC-R9000

CRT close-up

General Specifications

  • 100kHz-1999.8MHz range
  • 1000 channels - 10 banks
  • Scan rate 13 cps
  • 10, 100Hz; 1, 5, 9, 10, 12.5, 20, 25, 100kHz steps
  • Spectrum scope
  • Direct digital synthesizer (DDS)
  • 8-character alpha-tag
  • Analogue signal meter
  • Dual clock/5 timers
  • Bass/treble controls
  • AFC
  • AGC
  • Noise blanker (NB)
  • Attenuators
  • Autostore (100 channels)
  • 10 Priority channels
  • 10 search limits
  • Voice scan control (VSC)
  • Computer control
  • Tape recorder control
  • Icom IC-R9000L Specs


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CRT Replacement Info

(found in old Newsgroup post): There a place in CA that sells the factory replacements for 75.00 dollars for the 781 and 9000 I bought three as spares and there same as Icom. NEI in Pomona CA 909 591 5885 Part number 5KTULA sub for E2-765PDN amber 70.00 each salesperson David these our made by Tosbia and also have the Matsushita Tag. The same as the factory tube I replaced on my 781. Hope this helps Phil Ai4DQ

UPDATE - I have now ordered and received a replacement CRT from this source. - 8/05. There is also a seller online that also sells cheaper than Icom replacements.

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