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==Statewide/Areawide Agencies/Companies==
*[[%20Statewide%20/%20Common%20/%20Shared%20(IL)|Statewide/Common/Shared Wiki Page]]
===Illinois State Agencies===
'''Illinois State Police''' <br>
State Radio Communications for the 21st Century
*[[STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois P25|Starcom21]] - Statewide 700/800 MHz P25 Public Safety TRS
**[ StarCom21 Website]
**[[StarCom21 Radio IDs]]
*[[Illinois State Police (ISP) (IL)]] View ISP Information by District
**[ ISP Unit Designators]
; Illinois Department of Natural Resources
* [[Media:IDNR Law Map (Feb27 09).pdf|Illinois Department of Natural Resources Map  (PDF)]]
'''Illinois Department of Public Health - EMS Unit IDs'''
*[[IL-IDPH]] Region 1, 2
*[[IL-IDPH3]] Region 3
*[[IL-IDPH4]] Region 4
*[[IL-IDPH5]] Region 5, etc.
'''Illinois Department of Transportation'''
*[ Bridge Information Website]
*[ Active IDOT construction contracts]
'''Illinois Emergency Management Agency'''
*[[Emergency_Management_/_Homeland_Security_%28IL%29 Wiki]]
*[[SKYWARN_/_Amateur_Radio_%28IL%29|SKYWARN/Amateur Radio]]
'''Illinois Toll Highway Authority (ITHA)'''
*[[Illinois_Toll_Highway_Authority_%28ITHA%29_%28IL%29|Wiki Page]]
'''[[EMS / Ambulance / Medical Helicopters / IDPH (IL)]]'''
*[[Media:IL-ITTFStarcom.pdf|ITTF - Illinois Terrorism Task Force]]
[[Image:IL-ITTF_Region_Map.jpg|thumb]] Region Map
==Illinois - State Scanning Information by County==
==Illinois - State Scanning Information by County==
*[[Public Safety Answering Points by County (IL)]]
*[[Illinois_County_Dispatch_Frequencies|Illinois Sheriff and Fire Dispatch Frequencies (table and maps)]]
*[[Adams County (IL)|Adams]]
*[[Adams County (IL)|Adams]]
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*[[Woodford County (IL)|Woodford]]
*[[Woodford County (IL)|Woodford]]
==United States/Federal Government==
*[ Pekin]  [[Federal Correctional Institution Pekin|Wiki Page]]
*[ Greenville]  [[Federal Correctional Institution Greenville|Wiki Page]]
*[[Scott Air Force Base (Mascoutah)|Scott Air Force Base]]
==Trunked Radio Systems in Illinois==
'''Area Wide'''
*[[Clear Talk -- Illinois Cooperative Association - 800 MHz]]
*[[WirelessUSA (IL/MO)]]
'''Chicago Metro Area'''
*[[Yorcom/C&R Communications (Oswego)]]
'''St Louis Metro Area'''
*[[Communications Services (Alton)]]
*[[Sitco (MetroEast IL)]]
*[[Warner Communications - UHF 6 (Caseyville)]]
==10 Codes, Unit Lists & Miscellaneous Information==
===License Plates===
*[[IL-Municipal License Plates|Municipal]]
*[[IL-ISP License Plates|Illinois State Police]]
*[[IL-U License Plates|Illinois Government "U" Plates]]
===Illinois Scanning Websites===
*[ CARMA Website]
*[ ScanIllinois Website]
*[ Starcom21 Website]
===Statewide Businesses===
*[[Media:ADC ServiceMap-1.gif|AmerenIP/Cilco service map (GIF)]]
*[[Businesses (Area/Statewide) (IL)|IL Statewide Businesses]]
*[[IL Statewide Utilities|Utility Companies]]
*[[Illinois Communications Companies]]
**This is for companies that provide radio programming services and/or offer repeaters or trunked systems for lease.
*[[Railroads (IL)|Railroads]]
*[[US-Nationwide Businesses|Nationwide Businsses]]
===Illinois Airport Wiki Pages===
* (these will be updated at a later time)
*[[Chicago O'Hare Airport Public Safety]]
(currently being modified, please ignore for now)
|Statename=Statewide {{{Type|County}}}, [[Illinois (US)|Illinois]]
|StateDB=[ {{color|white|Testomg {{{Type|County}}} DB]}}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Illinois Forum}}] }}
==Related Links==
* [ Illinois Fire Apparatus Pics]
* [ Illinois Names Pronunciation Guide] Migrated Pages==
*[[US-FCC-Database Help]]

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