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  1 Alarm Fires        2 Hours
  1 Alarm Fires        2 Hours
  2 Alarm Fires        45 minutes
  2 Alarm Fires        45 minutes
  All others incidents           30 minutes
  All others incidents 30 minutes
[[Category: FAQ]]
[[Category: FAQ]]

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Incident Page Network (IPN) is a World Wide Leader in police, fire and rescue breaking incident notification. IPN provides Real News in Real Time™ to your cell phone. Every minute of every day, IPN dispatchers listen to public safety transmissions and send incidents as they are happening from around world with extensive coverage in the US and Canada. and Incident Page Network (IPN) have teamed up to provide a sample of IPN alerts to listeners on RadioReferences' Live Audio County pages.

IPN subscribers can log in to their IPN account and add their RadioReference ID to their IPN profile. Then when logged into the RadioReference website, all incidents provided by IPN will be displayed in real time on An IPN subscription is not necessary but the incidents shown on are delayed.

You can learn more about IPN by visiting our website Incident Page Network (IPN) or join us on Facebook at We also have a blog with useful industry information:

Alerts are provided in real-time or delayed depending on the incident type

Incident Type         Delay
Mass Casualty         None (Real Time)
Amber Alert           None (Real Time)
3 Alarm Fires         None (Real Time)
4 Alarm Fires         None (Real Time)
5+ Alarm Fires        None (Real Time)
LA Greater Alarms     None (Real Time)
LA Major Emergency    None (Real Time)
1 Alarm Fires         2 Hours
2 Alarm Fires         45 minutes
All others incidents  30 minutes