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|25007||Fire/EMS Dispatch
|25007||Fire/EMS Dispatch
=Trunking Systems=
*[[Alliant Energy|Alliant Energy -IDEN]]
*[[Alliant Energy DMR|Alliant Energy DMR]]
*[[Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM)|Wisconsin Interoperable System for Communications (WISCOM) -P25]]
{{Geographic Location
{{Geographic Location

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Iowa County, Wisconsin
County Seat Dodgevillw
MABAS Division Division 124
WSP District Deforest
WISDOT District
DNR Enforcement District
FBI Division Milwaukee
FBI Resident Agency
Iowa County database
Wisconsin Forum

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General Info

Iowa County law enforcment, Fire, and EMS use WISCOM for all daily operations. You will need a P25 Trunking scanner in order to listen to their system.

Suggested Scanning

Talkgroup Usage
25001 Countywide Law Dispatch
25005 Fire/EMS Paging
25007 Fire/EMS Dispatch

Trunking Systems