Jefferson County (IL)

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Jefferson County Government

Jefferson County 911

  • All Fire Departments are dispatched on 154.43 CSQ by County 911 except Mt. Vernon.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

  • Units (License Plates - S 41-xx)
  • "C" units - Corrections (Jail uses Motorola VHF CP1200s)

Sheriff patrols: Belle Rive, Bluford, Bonnie, Dix, Ina, Nason, Waltonville & Woodlawn

Jefferson County Housing Authority

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Lifestar Ambulance (Mt. Vernon)

7/23/12 - Lifestar Ambulance has ceased operations in Jefferson County, Illinois Has operations in several areas including Centralia (Marion County), operations in Mount Vernon - now covering the city and county with 2 bases. Unknown frequency usage.

Crossroads Community Hospital (Mount Vernon)

  • WQQV321 - 50-40wt Mobiles on 461.4625, 461.85, 463.8125, 463.7625, 454.6625 (NFM)
  • WQRT237 - 467.2125 Mobiles/Pagers (NFM)

Municipalities and Districts

Jefferson Fire Protection District

Serves: Bonnie, Dix, Ina & Opdyke with 4 Fire Stations.

Bonnie (Village?)

Police Department (Dispatched on Sheriff Repeater)

  • Units are Bonnie-1, Bonnie-2, Bonnie-8, Bonnie-9 and Bonnie-10

Litton Ambulance (Mt. Vernon)

Plates: 5 133 xx (07) Serves: Mt. Vernon, Kell (Marion Co.)

  • Units: L-1,2,7, "North Station"

Mt. Vernon (City)

Mt Vernon Police Department

  • Units: 202,221 (dispatch is "Mt. Vernon")

Fire Department

  • 5132 (7/8/15)
  • Units: M-4 Pumper (old?)



  • (OLD) 155.295 WNWA272 BM 136.5 PL Bluford Grade School Buses [Expired]

Opdyke-Bel Rive School

  • 155.295 WPGV648 BM 127.3 PL Buses [Expired 3/15]

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