Jersey County (IL)

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Jersey County Sheriff / 911

  • Sheriff and some fire previously on 155.805 179.9
  • New 911 (Fire) channel came online 156.2175 D612
  • After? narrowbanding requirements, Sheriff moved to 156.2175 (1/15) Tone noticed to be changed to 218.1 PL tone (8/2/17)
    • It appears to receive better on scanners as FM not NFM
  • Dispatch on 155.805: Jerseyville Fire (by City), Fieldon, Rosedale Fire (5pm test page WNPF660)
  • Jersey 911 can dispatch Brighton FPD on 151.1975 using Remote Link (also DB Macoupin County 911)
  • Jersey 911 can contact Brighton Fire on their 158.73 repeater.

Jersey County Sheriff

Sheriff uses rolling code scramblers on their discreet channel simplex (unknown) and also on the 155.805R.

  • It was previously reported that there is a "North" tower on 155.805 that possibly used 131.8 PL on input and/or 177.3 PL at one time)

Usually has 2 deputies on duty, more during the week days w/ detective; Shift change at 1400

  • 12 deputies total, with 5 correctional officers (2/10)

Jersey County Health Department

  • WQQM390 50-50wt Mobiles on 156.24, 158.8875, 153.9725 (NFM)

Tri-County Rural Transit

  • Begins Spring 2016 serving Jersey, Calhoun, Greene Counties

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Jersey Community Hospital / Ambulance

  • JCH ambulance is now an advanced life support service (6.30.16)

The JCH Ambulance Service is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) service that provides primary response for Jersey County as well as secondary response and advanced care for Calhoun County and parts of Macoupin County.

Jersey Community Hospital took over the day-to-day operations of Jersey County Ambulance in 1992. The service at that time was licensed for Basic Life Support with one ambulance on duty and one on-call 24 hours a day. Over the years we increased our licensure to Intermediate Life Support and added a full-time crew and ambulance in Grafton area. In 2001, service was expanded to Advanced Life Support. Today, the JCH Ambulance Service operates daily with two ambulances and two full-time crews, a third ambulance as a back-up vehicle along with a John Deere gator as a community response vehicle for off-road emergencies and community venues.

Alton Memorial Hospital EMS

Serves southern Jersey County, back-up to Jersey Community Hospital Ambulance (See Madison County)

Municipalities and Districts

Jersey County /Rural Water


Jersey County Public Safety Pager Tones

Agency (Updated)
Tone A
Tone B
Dow Fire
Jerseyville Fire 155.805
Rosedale Fire
QEM Fire / Medical (2018) 151.31 928.1 569.1