Jersey County (IL)

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Jersey County Sheriff / 911

  • Sheriff and some fire previously on 155.805 179.9
  • New 911 (Fire) channel came online 156.2175 D612
  • After? narrowbanding requirements, Sheriff moved to 156.2175 (1/15) Tone noticed to be changed to 218.1 PL tone (8/2/17)
    • It appears to receive better on scanners as FM not NFM
  • Dispatch on 155.805: Jerseyville Fire (by City), Fieldon, Rosedale Fire (5pm test page WNPF660)
  • Jersey 911 can dispatch Brighton FPD on 151.1975 using Remote Link (also DB Macoupin County 911)
  • Jersey 911 can contact Brighton Fire on their 158.73 repeater.

Jersey County Sheriff

Sheriff uses rolling code scramblers on their discreet channel simplex (unknown) and also on the 155.805R.

  • It was previously reported that there is a "North" tower on 155.805 that possibly used 131.8 PL on input and/or 177.3 PL at one time)

Usually has 2 deputies on duty, more during the week days w/ detective; Shift change at 1400

  • 12 deputies total, with 5 correctional officers (2/10)

Jersey County Health Department

  • WQQM390 50-50wt Mobiles on 156.24, 158.8875, 153.9725 (NFM)

Tri-County Rural Transit

  • Begins Spring 2016 serving Jersey, Calhoun, Greene Counties

Municipalities and Districts

Jersey County /Rural Water


Jersey County Public Safety Pager Tones

Agency (Updated)
Tone A
Tone B
Dow Fire
Jerseyville Fire 155.805
Rosedale Fire
QEM Fire / Medical (2018) 151.31 928.1 569.1