Joint Services Open House

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This event is held at Andrews Air Force Base, MD each spring and highlights aircraft, both civilian performers and units from various military areas. Please document frequencies heard at this event here. They will be incorporated into the database. See the above link for frequencies and other data for Andrews.

Joint Services Open House frequencies 2006


Joint Services Open House frequencies 2007

Data includes TBird flyby at Preakness


Joint Services Open House frequencies 2008

Blue Angels

  • 237.8000 Solos
  • 275.3500 Diamond
  • 284.2500 Delta
  • 305.5000 Fat Albert
  • 346.5000 Ground Start
  • 348.7250 Media Demo
  • 139.8125 Ground Alpha(NFM)
  • 142.6125 Ground Bravo (NFM)

Airboss 125.35

SkyTypers 123.425

PA Link from Aircraft 122.825

Tower 125.35

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