Joint Services Open House

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This event is held at Andrews Air Force Base, MD each spring and highlights aircraft, both civilian performers and units from various military areas. Please document frequencies heard at this event here. They will be incorporated into the database. See the above link for frequencies and other data for Andrews.

  • Always check the latest Monitoring Military Flight Demonstration Groups article on MT for updates. The link can be found on our Milcom Web Pages and Mailing Lists article
  • For other frequencies used at past shows, please see the March 2007 edition of MT
  • Keep an ear on the Potomac Consolidated Terminal Radar Approach Control for aircraft arriving/departing to/from the show
  • There have been erratic reports about bringing scanners on the show property and being denied entrance. This occurred during the 2008 event.

Joint Services Open House frequencies 2006


Joint Services Open House frequencies 2007

Data includes TBird flyby at Preakness


Joint Services Open House frequencies 2008

Also see the bottom of Dave Schoenberger's Prince George's County webpage.


Joint Services Open House frequencies 2009

  • 122.775 Corsair/F-18F Air-to-Air
  • 125.350 Air boss
  • 216.725 TBirds PA feed
  • 216.975 TBirds Air-to-Air and takeoff clearance
  • 235.250 TBirds Air-to-Air

Joint Services Open House frequencies 2010

346.5 - Blue Angels startup and clearance 237.8 - Blue Angels 284.25 - Blue Angels formation 275.35 - Blue Angels

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