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Jones County TRS

System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone

Jones Co. VFD & First Responder Districts

  • District 1 SOSO,Calhoun, Pleasant Ridge, Hebron
  • District 2 Shady Grove, Sharon
  • District 3 Sandersville, Ruston
  • District 4 Glade, Powers, M&M
  • District 5 Moselle, Union, Ovett, Johnson
  • District 6 South Jones, Southwest, Boggy

-Jones County Fire Paging= 155.7750 (WNVM412 ) The Fire Paging Xmiter is located on the north tower.

-The Jones County EOC conducts a test of all District radios each Sunday morning @ 8am.-"

Notable Agency Personal

  • Jones County Sheriff -- Alex Hodge (Jones 1)
  • Jones County District Attorney -- Tony Buckley (DA1)
  • Jones County EOC Director -- Don McKinnon (CD 1)
  • Jones County Fire Coordinator--Dan McKenna (FC 1)
  • Jones County EOC Communications Technician--Richard Ellzey (CD5)

Jones County Sheriff Department

  • Alex Hodge -- Sheriff
  • Major Robbie Suber -- Administration/Operations Division
  • Major Don Scott -- Chief Investigator
  • Chief Investigator -- Patrol Division Supervisor

Windsor Court on Hoy Road

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Historical Data

This area is to serve as a place to preserve deprecated data from the old Type I subfleets

  • Jones County Central Dispatch- VFD's Type I Talkgroups
    • Subfleet Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
    • 700-01 A JCCD-FDISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
    • 700-02 A JCCD-FCAR1 Fire Unit-to-Unit Fire-Tac
    • 700-03 A JCCD-FCAR2 Fire Unit-to-Unit Fire-Tac
    • 700-09 A JCCD-ETAC3 EMD Tactical 3 Fire-Tac
  • County Services Type I Talkgroups
    • Subfleet Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
    • 000-02 A Spec.Events Special Events Law Tac
    • 007-04 A Jones County Sanitation Dept.
  • Laurel Type I Talkgroups
    • Subfleet Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
    • 600-01 A LFD-DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
    • 600-02 A LFD-OPS Fire Fire-Tac
    • 600-08 A LAC Animal Control Other
  • Municipalities Type I Talkgroups
    • Subfleet Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
    • 600-05 A EFD-DISP Ellisville Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch