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8900 Illinois Valley Fire<br/>
8900 Illinois Valley Fire<br/>
==Josephine County Sheriffs Department==
==Josephine County Law Enforcement Agencies==
===Unit Designators===
===Unit Designators===

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Josephine County Fire Departments

Unit Designators

5900 Wolf Creek Fire
7200 Grants Pass Rural Fire
7300 Grants Pass Fire
7500 Rural Metro Fire
8500 Applegate Valley Fire
8700 Williams Fire
8900 Illinois Valley Fire

Josephine County Law Enforcement Agencies

Unit Designators

0100 Grants Pass Police
0300 Josephine County Sheriff
3500 Oregon State Police - Grants Pass Office

Grants Pass Police

Unit Designators

A-Adam General patrol
C-Charlie Corporal
D-David Detective
K-King K-9
M-Mary Motorcycle Traffic Enforcement
O-Ocean Off-duty officer
S-Sam Sergeant
T-Tom Traffic Enforcement
Z-Zebra Command Staff