KY Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) (KY)

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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC)

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet operates a statewide VHF High-band system consisting of 48 repeaters, 36 of those being linked to the Transportation Operations Center (TOC) in Frankfort, Kentucky via a Microwave Back-haul. All repeaters are analog and have the capability of being keyed in district-wide or individual configurations by the TOC Incident Dispatcher in Frankfort. The remaining 12 non-linked repeaters act in a standalone configuration.

Traffic Response and Incident Management Assisting the River Cities (TRIMARC)

The TRIMARC Traffic Operations Center (TOC) based in Louisville, KY operates 24/7/365 and dispatches Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) trucks for the Louisville Metro and Northern Kentucky Interstates on Weekdays, during rush-hour periods. TRIMARC is the only free, incident management, and public assistance service sponsored by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC).

TRIMARC FSP Units are dispatched off the Louisville MetroSafe P25 Radio System as well as the Northern Kentucky Regional Radio System.