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Fox Valley Park District PD-
Fox Valley Park District PD-
Kane County Forest Preserve PD-
Kane County Forest Preserve PD-
Burlington FD-
Burlington FPD-
Hampshire FD-
Hampshire FPD-
Maple Park FD-
Maple Park FPD-
Pingree Grove FD-
Pingree Grove FPD-
Fox River FD-
Fox River FPD-
South Elgin PD-
South Elgin PPD-
Big Rock FD-
Big Rock FPD-
Kaneville FD-
Kaneville FPD-
[ KaneComm Web Site]
[ KaneComm Web Site]
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*3) Batavia  
*3) Batavia  
*4) Elburn
*4) Elburn
*5) Tri-Com personnel
Second Digit:
Second Digit:
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*D Detective
*D Detective
*E Evidence Techs
*E Evidence Techs
*F Foot Patrol
*G Administrative Units   
*G Administrative Units   
*H Parking Enforcement (St. Charles Community Service Officers)
*H Community Service Officers
*I Special Assignment
*I Special Assignment
*J Juvenile
*J Juvenile
Line 128: Line 130:
*S Supervisors
*S Supervisors
*T Two Officer Patrol
*T Two Officer Patrol
*V Service Officers  (Geneva & Batavia Community Service Officers)
*V Parking Enforcement (St. Charles Community Service Officers)
*W Records Personnel
*X Unit without a identifier (Usually assigned during a time when all other designators are taken or if an officer has their radio with them while off duty.)
*X Unit without a identifier (Usually assigned during a time when all other designators are taken or if an officer has their radio with them while off duty.)
*Z High Frequency Crime Teams (Used only in St. Charles.  Unknown if this designator is still used.)
*Z Problem Oriented Policing (POP) (Used only in St. Charles.  Unknown if this designator is still used.)
Third Digit (Patrol Beat Code):
Third Digit (Patrol Beat Code):

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Kane County Government

KaneComm / Kane County 911

Operation: Kane County Emergency Communications (KaneComm) is a multi-jurisdictional dispatch center responsible for the deployment of 18 Police, Fire, and Medical agencies located within Kane County. KaneComm personnel are tasked with all of the incoming emergency and non emergency calls for assistance from citizens residing in these jurisdictions.

Functions: Telecommunicators field multijurisdictional calls from the public and determine the nature and location of the incident in order to quickly and efficiently deploy police, fire, and medical units as necessary. KaneComm serves as a 24 hour a day continuous operations function responsible for the support of one county sheriff’s department, nine police departments, and six fire departments in addition to serving as a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Telecommunicators must maintain contact with all of the units on assignment while consistently disseminating information and updating their status and location. Staff must monitor several complex radio frequencies while operating a variety of communications equipment. Simultaneously; information must be entered and retrieved from an assortment of electronic data files. These include; but are not limited to, missing persons, wanted persons, orders of protection, registered sex offenders, stolen weapons, and stolen vehicles.

Facility and Equipment: KaneComm is located at the Kane County Government Center Campus at 719 S. Batavia Avenue in Geneva IL. The Communications Center is home to 6 multifunctional state of the art dispatch terminals. Each Telecommunicator has the capability of utilizing all of the communications equipment and software applications at any given time from any workstation within the facility. Each console is outfitted with 5 flat screen LCD monitors. One of the five is solely designated for the MCC-5500 radio console. This technology enables interactive touch screen capabilities used to monitor a total of 21 police and fire radio frequencies. The Telecommunicators can communicate with public safety entities both locally and statewide using a touch screen, foot pedal, or wireless headsets. All of the data related to calls for service as well as the activity of the field units is input via the New World Systems Computer Aided Dispatch application. The numerous phone calls handled daily by KaneComm are managed via the VESTA Pallas phone system supported by AT&T. Telecommunicators also have access to Orion Mapstar, an application that maps the approximate location of 911 callers based on the information provided by Phase II Wireless technology.

Subscribers of KaneComm Dispatch Services: Kane County Sheriff's Department- Kane County Office of Emergency Management- Wayne PD- Gilberts PD- Hampshire PD- Maple Park PD- Pingree Grove PD- Campton Hills PD- Fox Valley Park District PD- Kane County Forest Preserve PD- Burlington FPD- Hampshire FPD- Maple Park FPD- Pingree Grove FPD- Fox River FPD- South Elgin PPD- Big Rock FPD- Kaneville FPD-

KaneComm Web Site

Formerly Listed

154.32500 	   	KNBG264 	BM	103.5 PL	KaneFire Alt	DELETE -- Fire: Dispatch - Alternate (Maple Park, Kaneville) 	FM 	Fire Dispatch 
154.28000 	   	KNBG264 	BM	74.4 PL	Kane FG Whit	DELETE -- Fireground: Alternate (White; was CSQ?) 	FM 	Fire-Talk 
153.78500 	   	WPZV762 	M		Kane FG 3785	DELETE -- Fireground 	FMN 	Fire-Tac 

Kane County Sheriff's Department

Corrections uses Kenwood UHF Radios, Court security has Motorola UHF Radios Sheriff Substations at Kaneville, Aurora, Geneva, Burlington, Dundee.

Dispatched by KaneComm

  • Sheriff reported as having portables with frequencies: 150.025, 161.085, 160.025, 156.33 [No License]

  • WPGG482 RBM 123.0 PL Kane SD Alt2 Sheriff: Alternate (R@ Maple Park, Kaneville, Batavia-DuPage, B@Plato Center)

Kane County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

  • KCOEM Main, 156.1725 D072 12.5kHz, Repeated
  • KLERN, 158.745 T103.5 12.5kHz, Repeated
  • KCOEM Tac, 158.745 T146.2 12.5 kHz, Repeated, Only operational during Command Post Operations
  • KC9OEM Amateur radio repeater RACES/ARES operations and Skywarn operations

Unit Numbering

Supervisors/Officers - White Shirts w/ Gold Badges

  • 9101 - Director
  • 9102 - Deputy Director / Medical Reserve Corps
  • 9103 - Assistant Director / Operations Chief
  • 9104 - Administrative Assistant / Search & Rescue
  • 9105 - Captain / Logistics
  • 9106 - Lieutenant / Vehicles
  • 9107 - Lieutenant / Training
  • 9108 - Lieutenant / Communications & Information Technology
  • 9109 - Lieutenant / Facilities
  • 9110 - Lieutenant / Safety

Supervisors/Officers - Blue Shirts w/ Gold Badges

  • 9120 - Sergeant
  • 9131 - Sergeant


  • 9171 - Primary Lighting/Tow Vehicle
  • 9172 - Secondary Lighting/Tow Vehicle, Search & Rescue Support
  • 9173 - Decommissioned Mobile Command Post
  • 9174 - Secondary Generator/Lighting Trailer
  • 9175 - Primary Lighting Trailer/Light Tower
  • 9176 - Shelter Box Trailer
  • 9177 - Support Box Trailer
  • Command 1 - Mobile Command Post
  • Decon 1 - Decommissioned Mobile Decontamination Unit
  • Ranger 1 - Polaris Ranger ATV
  • Impala - Directors Vehicle
  • Tahoe - Deputy Directors Vehicle
  • Vehicle Information

QuadCom 911

Serves the following: Police: South Barrington (B), Carpentersville (C), West Dundee (D), East Dundee (E), Sleepy Hollow (S) Fire: West Dundee (300s), East Dundee-Countryside (400s), Rutland-Dundee (500s), Carpentersville (900s)

QuadComm is also the MABAS Division 2 Dispatch Center

Tri-Com 911 Central Dispatch

Agencies Dispatched: Police: First Digit

  • 1) St. Charles
  • 2) Geneva
  • 3) Batavia
  • 4) Elburn
  • 5) Tri-Com personnel

Second Digit:

  • A Traffic
  • C Command Units
  • D Detective
  • E Evidence Techs
  • F Foot Patrol
  • G Administrative Units
  • H Community Service Officers
  • I Special Assignment
  • J Juvenile
  • L School Liason
  • N Tri-Com Dispatchers
  • P One Officer Patrol
  • R Roamers (Patrol)
  • S Supervisors
  • T Two Officer Patrol
  • V Parking Enforcement (St. Charles Community Service Officers)
  • W Records Personnel
  • X Unit without a identifier (Usually assigned during a time when all other designators are taken or if an officer has their radio with them while off duty.)
  • Z Problem Oriented Policing (POP) (Used only in St. Charles. Unknown if this designator is still used.)

Third Digit (Patrol Beat Code):

  • 1 Northeast Patrol Unit

Eastside Sam Unit Eastside Robert Unit

  • 2 Northwest Unit

Westside Sam Unit Westside Robert Unit

  • 3 Southeast Unit
  • 4 Southwest Unit (Geneva will use a R4 unit as a 2nd East unit)
  • 5 Far Northwest side, St. Charles ONLY
  • 6 Far Southwest side, St. Charles ONLY
  • 10 Borders are usually Rte 31 and Rte 25, patrolling up and down the river (except for Sam Units, where 10 is used to indicate the east side, unless there is no Sam20 or Sam2, in which case, they are the center unit)
  • 15 has only been heard with 1Adam15
  • 20 Used only with Sam Units, designating the west side
  • 55 Covers the entire city (Not with Paul or Sam Units)
  • 65 2nd Citywide unit (like Robert 55)
  • 75 2nd Citywide unit (only Robert units)

Fire: 0-99 Batavia 100s St. Charles 200s Geneva 300s Elburn (All medic units are in the 50s. e.g. St. Charles has medic 152 and 153, Geneva has medic 251.)

Tri-Com is also the MABAS Division 13 Dispatch Center

Municipalities and Districts


Aurora Police Department

  • WQNI410 mobile extenders 770.0125 (800), 774.7375 (800). These will probably be used in conjunction with the new OpenSky System. Emission is 12K19FW which is assumed to also not be monitorable.

Old Frequencies

  • 155.61000 156.15000 KSB248 RM Aur PD Old 1 Police: Old FM Deprecated
  • 151.38500 159.24000 KNEE689 RM Aur PD Old 3 Police: Old FM Deprecated
  • 155.91000 KSB248 M Aur PD Old 2 Police: Old FM Deprecated

Aurora Township Fire Protection District News from CARMA: As of Jan 1 South Park FPD (DB Montgomery PD) and Moecherville (DB Kane County) are now Aurora Township FPD. Currently using both fire stations and combined staff. This was done do to the fact that each other provided auto aid, and to combine money resources and staff. This was voted on by voters in these areas and it passed at the last election. Apparently Montgomery PD and Kane South dispatch them (but with dif tones. Probably so they didn't have to change pl's) South Park FPD: Serves an unincorporated area on the south side of Aurora and the east side of Montgomery (General vicinity of Montgomery Rd, the Kane-Kendall County line, Farnsworth Ave and Douglas Rd)

Big Rock

Police patrol by Kane County Sheriff; 159.15 107.2 PL

Big Rock Fire dispatched by KaneComm Fire South


Police Patrol by Kane County Sheriff; 159.15 107.2 PL.

Burlington Fire Dispatched by KaneComm Fire North

Campton Hills

Campton Hills PD dispatched by KaneComm Sheriff Ch 1

Fox River FD serves all of Campton Hills and is dispatched by KaneComm Fire North

Carpentersville (Village)

  • WQJF781 - 456.125 Water Data 30000-.982 wt 12K Digital


  • City Website
  • Elburn Police Department- Dispatched by Tri-Com
  • Elburn fire dispatched by Tri-com (300s).

Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District


Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District

Serves St. Charles Countryside, Wayne, Campton Hills, Wasco Dispatched by KaneComm Fire North

Fox River Valley Park District

FRV is the park district for the Aurora and North Aurora area. There are two Water Parks in Aurora. Park 1 Park 2


Fire by Rutland-Dundee FPD; Police Dispatch by KaneComm Sheriff Ch 1

Hampshire (Village)


Located mostly in McHenry County

Lily Lake

Police patrol by Kane County; Fire by Elburn FPD.

Moecherville and Countryside Fire Protection District

Merged in December 2006 with the South Park Fire Protection District and is now known as the Aurora Township Fire Protection District.

Montgomery and Countryside Fire Protection District

Serves Montgomery village limits in Kane Co. plus has boundaries of Orchard Rd on the west, Kane-Kendall County line on the south, city limits of Aurora on the north and around Douglas Rd on the east. Has access to Kane Counties UHF repeaters.


Montgomery dispatch is called "Central". Dispatches Police for Montgomery, Sugar Grove (units 100s, 200s), and Waubonsee Community College Public Safety.

North Aurora

Police See Aurora for possible mobile extender frequencies that NA may be using. Village

  • KB32568 expired EMA 155.16 M
  • KNGG675 expired EMA 155.025, 154.965 M
  • WQNW435 EMA - 151.43 Repeater with 153.7625 input (11K/7K)

North Aurora Fire Protection District (NAFPD)

Pingee Grove (Village)

  • FCC App 0005395564 for 956.33125 SENSUS Meter Data 12K at Wasco

Rutland-Dundee Townships Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Bases at Gilberts, Sleepy Hollow. Dispatched on/by QuadCom 5

South Elgin

  • Police dispatched by KaneComm
  • WQMN650 - 458.9125 Alarm Monitoring (Data/11K)

South Elgin-Countryside Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched by Elgin Dispatch, on the same frequency, 153.32

'Fire Tone-Outs'

  • Dist 21: A 1034.7, B 539.0 (Until recently known as station 1)
  • Dist 22: A 953.7, B 457.9 (station 2)

Sugar Grove

  • Fire dispatched by Montgomery Central Dispatch on 154.070
  • WPLG344 - 461.5 Repeater (11K) Maintenance/Security for Village Ops (Police Dept)

St Charles Township

Sleepy Hollow

Fire by Rutland-Dundee FPD.


  • Police dispatched by KaneComm on Sheriff Ch 1
  • Fire by West Chicago FPD and St. Charles Fire

West Dundee (Village)

  • Website
  • Website
  • KCX409 added 471.1625 R, 151.0325, 155.7375 BM, 159.0075 153.755 M
  • Police/Fire dispatched by QuadCom
  • WPNE443 956.33125 12K Meter Data

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Central DuPage Hospital (Geneva)

  • Website
  • 11/11 FCC Application 0004923715 for Repeaters on 451.9625, 452.4875, 451.4375, 451.6375, 452.1375, 452.2875 (7K MOTOTRBO) [Dismissed 11/11]
  • 2/12 FCC Application 0005080323 for Maintenance/Security
    • MotoTRBO Repeaters on 451.4375, 451.9625, 451.6375, 452.1375, 452.4875, 452.7875 [Dismissed]

Provena Mercy Medical Center (Aurora)

  • 457.03750 WPWW709 M PMCA Data 4 Data Telm Data
  • 457.52500 KD31947 M PMCA Data 3 Data (multiple frequencies) Telm Data
  • 457.55000 WPWF761 M PMCA Data 2 Data (multiple frequencies) Telm Data
  • 465.78750 WPAJ258 M PMCA Data Data Telm Data
  • 462.92500 WPYF512 Base/Pagers (Provena Fox Knoll)

Rush Copley Medical Center

  • 152.0075 WQLE989 BP Paging @ Aurora

First Care Health Services LLC

24 hour Ambulance Service serving 4 Counties. Not contracted with any fire department in the area.

School Buses

Durham School Services

  • WQCP787 - 160.035 Base/Mobile (11K at E Dundee)


Aurora Schools

Aurora Public School District 129 Aurora East School District 131

Carpentersville Schools

Community Unit School District 300 (Carpentersville)

  • Website
  • 8/12 FCC Application 0005331723 452.35 Repeaters (7/11K) at Dundee-Crown High School
    • Mobiles 451.3125, 451.3375, 451.4375, 451.4875, 451.5375, 451.5875, 451.6125, 451.6375, 451.7375, 451.7625, 452.3125, 452.6375

East Aurora School District 131

  • WQNB835 - 463.6125 RM Operations (11K)

Kaneland Community Unit School District #302 (Elburn)

  • WQNA401 Security/Transportation - 460.2 Repeater 11K/7K (Maple Park)

Geneva Community Unit School District 304

  • WPKS220 add Mobiles: 451.9875, 461.25, 461.4625, 462.1375, 463.6625, 463.8125, 464.4625, 464.6375 (11K)
  • WPKS220 add 452.4 Repeater at Geneva Community High School (11K)

Saint Charles School s

Community School District 303

  • WQOT632 - 152.8775 Repeater with 158.3925 input (11K, 7K)
  • 1/12 WQOZ254 - Mobiles on 462/467.2125, 462/467.2375, 462/467.2625, 462/467.2875, 462/467.3125, 462/467.3375, 462/467.3675, 462/467.3875, 462/467.4125
    • East High School - Repeaters on 451.5125, 452.1625
    • North High School - Repeaters on 463.7125, 451.3625

Private Schools

Immanuel Lutheran Church and School (Batavia)

  • WQJQ823 - Portables on 467.1735, 469.2625 (NFM)


Aurora University

FRS Radios are used by the kitchen staff/catering and during the football games and other special events on campus. 2 repeaters are located at Watkins Hall; 1 is at Stephens Hall.

Elgin Community College

  • WQND578 - Mobiles 462.4625 462.4875 457.8125 466.875 469.4625 (11K)

Waubonsee Community College (Sugar Grove)

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