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KCMO Edacs system

KCMO police and other city services use the EDACS system. Some interesting talkgroups and facts about the system:

  • KCMO police radio assignments
  • Occasionally, the traffic talkgroup (10-027) is patched into one of the police patrol talkgroups such as central or metro. This often occurs when there is a chase or other significant activity. It also seems that nightly this talkgroup is patched into one of the patrol groups almost all night. That may be due to shortage of dispactch officers.
  • The KCMO helicopter identifies itself as "690" and can be heard on one of the police patrol talkgroups periodically. At other times, 690 returns to Tac air.
  • Prostitution and drug sting operations can often be heard on special operations channels. Channel 2 (10-045) seems to be the most common.
  • twice daily and during inclement weather, there is a weather alert broadcast on MERS (09-031). This comes from the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill. This channel is also occasionally used by KCMO FD to inquire about weather (typically wind) conditions at different locations around the city.

Independence, MO

The Independence public safety switched over to their new 700Mhz system in late summer 2006.

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