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Kendall County Sheriff, Constables, Boerne PD and Fair Oaks Ranch PD are all dispatched on the LCRA P25 System.

Kendall Law 1 is the primary talkgroup for dispatch and operations for all law enforcement, and state agencies will communicate there time to time as well.
Kendall Law 2 is used as a secondary when Kendall Law 1 is closed for critical incidents, but is mainly used for running license plates, driver's licenses and criminal histories, or gathering call information for reports.
Each police agency has their own talkgroups as well, and dispatch has access to these to if events or other factors require their dedicated use beyond chit chat.
Kendall Fire 1 is the primary fire and EMS dispatch channel for the entire county. It is typically multi-selected with the County Fire Repeater during dispatching, or the County EMS Repeater when medical calls are dispatched.
Kendall Fire 2 is the response talkgroup for all incidents unless in incident commander requests a tactical channel.
Kendall Ops 1-5 are those tactical channels that can be requested and used for fire or police events that are significant enough to require on scene coordination.

Kendall County Sheriff units begin with the 11xx prefix.
Boerne Police units begin with the 3xx prefix.
Fair Oaks Ranch Police units begin with the 81xx prefix.
Fire Departments: Alamo Springs (9X), Bergheim (3X), Boerne (4X), Comfort (5X), Kendalia (7X), Sisterdale (6X) and Waring (8X)

File:Kendall TX Fire Districts.pdf

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