Kendall County (TX)

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Kendall County

All public safety in Kendall County uses the LCRA P25 System for primary communications.

 Law Enforcement

All law enforcement in the county is dispatched on LCRA TG 7001 (Kendall Law Primary). These agencies all use TG 7002 (Kendall Law Info) as their TLETS/NCIC channel and as a backup dispatch channel when Primary is closed for a hot incident.

Agency Unit Numbers
Kendall SO 1101-1199
Kendall Constables 261-267
Boerne PD 301-366
Fair Oaks Ranch PD 8101-8140
Texas DPS 6C101-6C109
Kendall Animal Control 1341-1343

In addition, each agency has a few talkgroups listed on the LCRA Page that are used as their personal talk channels. Encryption is generally not seen in use except for on the talkgroups labeled TAC1 and TAC2 which are fully encrypted but rarely seen in use.

 Fire and EMS

All fire departments and Kendall County EMS are dispatched on TG 7028 (Kendall Fire Paging) which is permanently patched to VHF 155.400 (125 DPL). After being paged, all response is handled on TG 7031 (Kendall Fire Primary). If an incident requires a dedicated operations channel, dispatch will assign an ops channel (TGs 7003-7007, OP1-OP5). These talkgroups are common to all local agencies including medivac and road and bridge for major incidents. Each department also has a pair of private talkgroups that are primarily used for chit chat and training exercises. Each department is listed below.

Bergheim VFD is the newest department in the county, operational in June 2009. It covers southeast Kendall County and some of the priciest real estate in the county in Cordillera Ranch and it's exclusive golf club, as well as Mark T. Voss Middle School. As of early 2022, Bergheim is looking to form Kendall County's first Emergency Services District to better serve the area.

Bergheim Volunteer Fire Dept Apparatus Name Apparatus Info Private LCRA TGs !
1 Old Curry Creek Rd Command 31 Ford F250 (Metro) 7034 BERG FIRE 1
First Out Rescue/Mut Aid Engine 31 Metro Pumper/Tender 1800 gal 1000 gpm 7035 BERG FIRE 2
Brush 31 Ford 750 gal
Second Out Engine 32 Pierce Pumper 1250 gal 1250 gpm
Brush 32 Ford F550 500 gal
First Out Fire/Medical Engine 33 2020 Metro Pumper
Brush 33 Ford F550 418 gal
Tender 33 E-One 2000 gal 1000 gpm
First Responder Squad 36 Toyota Tundra

Boerne Fire Department formed in 1903 and was all volunteer for most of it's existence until growth demanded a full time staff to serve the community which is now over 20,000 in the city limits alone. Boerne FD covers south central and south west Kendall County with fire and first responder service.

Boerne Fire Department Apparatus Name Apparatus Info Private LCRA TGs Private VHF CHs
Station 1 Engine 40 2012 Pierce Quantum 7013 BOERNE FIRE 1 153.440/158.325 (203.5)
726 N Main St Engine 41 2007 Pierce Quantum 7014 BOERNE FIRE 2 152.375 (203.5)
Brush 41 2005 International
Brush 42 2009 F550
Brush 43 2000 GMC
Brush 44 2017 F550
Engine 44 1993 Smeal
Rescue 45 1997 Smeal
Tender 46 2003 Pierce
Engine 47 1989 E-One
Ladder 48 2001 E-One 100' Quint
Tender 49 2013 International
Utility 41 6 wheeler ATV wildland
Boat 41&42 Swift Water Rescue Boats
Command 41 2018 Suburban

Comfort VFD was formed in 1912 and covers northwest Kendall County and far eastern Kerr County. Comfort is dispatched by Kendall County on the above mentioned LCRA talkgroups and uses this system within Kendall County, but Kerr County dispatches Comfort on their VHF repeater listed here. Comfort has automatic mutual aid with Kerrville FD and Center Point VFD for calls on Interstate 10 and State Highway 27 and will also use the Kerr County Firecom system.

Comfort Volunteer Fire Dept Apparatus Name Apparatus Info Private LCRA TGs Private VHF CHs
Example Command 51 2018 Chevy 2500 7036 COMF FIRE 1 155.055/159.165 (162.2)
First Out Engine 51 2014 Darley 1000 gal 1250 gpm CAFS 7037 COMF FIRE 2 154.130 (210.7)
Example Brush 52 2009 Chevy 5500 600 gal 300 gpm 154.145 (210.7)
Example Brush 54 1996 AM General 6x6 800 gal 300 gpm
Example Tender 55 2019 Western Star 3000 gal 500 gpm
Example Tender 56 2006 F750 1800 gal 500 gpm
Second Out Engine 58 1997 Ferrara 1000 gal 1250 gpm
MVA/Medical Rescue 59 2005 F750 300 gal 500 gpm

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