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== Kenwood TK-280 ==
== Kenwood TK-380 ==
[[Image:Kenwood-tk380.jpg|center|Kenwood TK-280]]
[[Image:Kenwood-tk380.jpg|center|Kenwood TK-280]]

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TK-280 VHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 146-174 MHz

Type 2 136-162 MHz

TK-380 UHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 450-490 MHz

Type 2 470-512 MHz

Type 3 400-430 MHz

Kenwood TK-380

Kenwood TK-280

The TK-280/TK-380 is a handheld radio manufactured by Kenwood. It is available in VHF (TK-280) or UHF (TK-380) and can be used for trunked or conventional operation in both wide and narrow band. The TK-280 is available in two different models: Type 1 (146 - 174 MHz) and Type 2 (136 - 162 MHz). The TK-380 is available in three different models: Type 1 (450 - 490 MHz), Type 2 (470 - 512 MHz), and Type 3 (400 - 430 MHz). The TK-280/TK-380 allows for up to 32 systems and 600 channels to be programmed in a trunked configuration, and 250 channels to be programmed in a conventional configuration. Output power is 5W for the TK-380 and 4W for the TK-380. Low power is 1W on both the TK-280 and TK-380.

The TK-280/TK-380 can be programmed with Kenwood's KPD-49D software and the KPG-36 programming cable. Some models will allow programming outside of these band limits; the programming software may signal a warning but the radio will be programmed with the desired frequency outside the model's frequency range. Since this an undocumented and unsupported feature, radio performance may be affected. The TK-280 Type 1 (146 - 174 MHz) is reported to be able to operate on the 2m band, and the TK-380 Type 1 (450 - 490 MHz) is reported to be able to operate on the 70cm band.