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TK-280 VHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 146-174 MHz

Type 2 136-162 MHz

TK-380 UHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 450-490 MHz

Type 2 470-512 MHz

Type 3 400-430 MHz

Kenwood TK-280

Kenwood TK-280

These are virtually the same radios. The 280 is VHF and 380 UHF

The VHF model has 5 watt and the UHF model has 4 watt transmit power.

600 Channels in Trunked Mode 32 System and 250 Group Memory Capacity in Conventional Mode.

These radios are very easy to program. Using Kenwoods KPG-49D software. The Programming cable for these radios is KPG-36.

The TK-280 w/the 146-174 split, will program down to 144MHz.

The Software actually rejects the frequency, but it doesn't erase it.