Kenwood TK-280/380

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TK-280 VHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 146-174 MHz

Type 2 136-162 MHz

TK-380 UHF LTR Trunking Capable Radio

Type 1 450-490 MHz

Type 2 470-512 MHz

Type 3 400-430 MHz

Kenwood TK-280

Kenwood TK-280

These are virtually the same radios. The 280 is VHF and 380 UHF

600 Channels in Trunked Mode 32 System and 250 Group Memory Capacity in Conventional Mode.

These radios are very easy to program. Using Kenwoods KPG-49D software. The Programming cable for these radios is KPG-36.

The TK-280 w/the 146-174 split, will program down to 144MHz.

The Software actually rejects the frequency, but it doesn't erase it.