LEGOLAND California Theme Park

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Hotel identification on the radio

There are now two hotels at LEGOLAND California. On the radio the original hotel is referred to as "Hotel 1" and the new one is referred to as "Castle Hotel".

Direct call talkgroups

The park uses DMR direct calls quite a bit. Below are the unit identifiers confirmed.

Direct call talkgroups
i356 Water park lifeguard
i402 RM 2 (Ride Maintenance)
i404 RM 4 (Ride Maintenance)
i406 RM 6 (Ride Maintenance)
i412 RM 12 (Ride Maintenance)
i420 RM 20 (Ride Maintenance)
i430 RM 30 (Ride Maintenance)
i446 FM 15 (Facility Maintenance)