Lake County (MN)

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Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Lake County Sheriffs Office

Fire Departments


  • Morse Fall Lake Fire
  • Babbitt Fire
  • Finland Fire
  • Silver Bay Fire
  • Beaver Bay Fire
  • Two Harbors Fire
  • Brimson Fire

Emergency Medical Services


  • Two Harbors Ambulance (BLS)
  • Silver Bay Ambulance (BLS)

Trunked Radio Systems

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning Migration to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long. FCC Control
5-068 Silver Cliff ARMEROA.jpg 47.04372N 91.35469W WQLY255 855.737
5-069 Wales ARMEROA.jpg 47.13238N 91.42331W 852.2000
5-070 Beaver Bay ARMEROA.jpg 47.15029N 91.19196W WQLY255 851.8125
5-071 Palisade Head ARMEROA.jpg 47.19126N 91.12421W 851.8625
5-072 Finland ARMEROA.jpg 47.27230N 91.13540W WQLY255 851.3875
5-073 Isabella ARMEROA.jpg 47.33280N 91.20279W 852.0375
5-074 Whyte ARMERCO.jpg 47.29044N 91.39249W
5-075 Forest Center ARMERIER.jpg 47.47457N 91.18427W
5-076 Slate Lake ARMERP.jpg 47.41357N 91.38214W
5-077 Lake One ARMERFR.jpg 47.56486N 91.29424W

Recommended Scanning


Frequency Tone Usage
154.8150 143 DPL Lake County Sheriff Dispatch (Finland}
155.7000 167.9 PL Lake County Sheriff Dispatch (Isabella)
155.7450 167.9 PL Lake County Sheriff Dispatch (Two Harbors)
154.8450 167.9 PL Lake County Sheriff Dispatch (Silver Bay}
155.1900 167.9 PL Lake County Fire/EMS Dispatch


  • Lake Co Sheriff dispatch is simulcast with VHF. Some deputies are using ARMER radios.
TGID Usage
36500 State Patrol Duluth
38001 Lake County Sheriff Dispatch

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