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This Article contains information about the City of Long Beach. Information regarding other agencies in Los Angeles County can be located on it's wiki article.

Fire Department

Long Beach Fire Dept. (KLI207/KMA715/WNYC796/WQAF453) HQ - 3205 N. Lakewood Blvd. (aka State Route 19) between E. Donald Douglas Dr. & E. Spring St.,Long Beach Beach Ops. - 2100 E. Ocean Blvd. @ Junipero Ave.,Long Beach (The Sta. sits southwest of the above intersection at the following coordinates: Lat. 33.763017/Lon. -118.168213) Sta. #1 - 100 Magnolia Ave. between W. Broadway & W. Ocean Blvd.,Long Beach Sta. #2 - 1645 E. 3rd St. across from Gaviota Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #3 - 1222 Daisy Ave. @ N. Loma Vista Dr.,Long Beach Sta. #4 - 411 Loma Ave. @ E. 4th St.,Long Beach Sta. #5 - Current Sta. - 7575 E. Wardlow Rd. between Stevely Ave. & I-605,Long Beach Former Sta. - 3500 E. Anaheim St. @ Newport Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #6 - 330 Windsor Way between Queens Hwy.,Long Beach (The Sta. sits at the following coordinates: Lat. 33.749945/Lon. -118.190180) Sta. #7 - 2295 Elm Ave. @ E. 23rd St.,Long Beach Sta. #8 - 5365 E. 2nd St. @ Claremont Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #9 - 3917 Long Beach Blvd. between E. Marshall Pl. & E. Roosevelt Rd.,Long Beach (The bays face the back of the Sta. which is off of N. Virginia Rd.) Sta. #10 - Current Sta. - 1417 Peterson Ave. between E. 14th St. & E. 15th St.,Long Beach Former Sta. - 1445 Peterson Ave. between E. 14th St. & E. 15th St.,Long Beach (The Former Sta. is now the Long Beach Fire Museum) Sta. #11 - 160 E. Market St. between Cedar Ave. & Pine Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #12 - 6509 Gundry Ave. @ E. 65th St.,Long Beach Sta. #13 - 2475 Adriatic Ave. @ W. 25th St.,Long Beach Sta. #14 - 5200 E. Eliot St. @ E. Colorado St.,Long Beach Sta. #15 - 202 Pier F Ave. between Harbor Plaza & Dead End,Long Beach (The Sta. sits at the following coordinates: Lat. 33.747170/Lon. -118.215267) Sta. #16 - 2890 E. Wardlow Rd. @ Globemaster Way,Long Beach Airport (The Sta. sits a little south of the above intersection & at the following coordinates: Lat. 33.817840/Lon. -118.158050) Sta. #17 - 2241 Argonne Ave. across from E. Hill St.,Long Beach (The Training Facility sits behind the Sta.) Sta. #18 - 3361 Palo Verde Ave. between E. Wardlow Rd. & Hackett Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #19 - 3559 Clark Ave. between E. Conant St. & E. Monlaco Rd.,Long Beach Sta. #20 - 1980 Pier D St. @ Pier D Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #21 - 215-225 N. Marina Dr. between N. Studebaker Rd. & Marina Dr.,Long Beach (The Sta. cannot be seen from the road & sits at the following coordinates: Lat. 33.750782/Lon. -118.113756) Sta. #22 - 6340 E. Atherton St. between Palo Verde Ave. & Carfax Ave.,Long Beach Sta. #24 - 111 Pier S Ave. @ Ocean Ave.,Long Beach (The bays face Ocean Ave.)

  • Dispatches are on Fire 1
  • In the event of a fire or response requiring an Incident Command, Fire 2 is used for the Tac channel and Fire 3 is used for the Command channel.
  • If there are no active incidents, Fire 2 may be used for communication between units in the field.

Emergency Medical Services

Based on the level of the call (see below), a four-man engine and either a BLS or Rescue unit are dispatched.

Freeway Response

When a freeway response is dispatched, an engine and BLS or Rescue unit are dispatched to each side of the freeway as the exact location reported is not always correct.

For example, if a call comes in for the 405 northbound at Cherry, an engine and Rescue rig will be dispatched to the northbound 405. A second engine and a BLS unit will be dispatched to the same location coming southbound on the 405.

Fire response

For a report of an active fire, the standard response is a Battalion Chief, three engines, a truck, and a rescue unit. The first engine on scene begins an attack on the fire. The second engine mans a hydrant and begins pumping to the first engine. The personnel from the second engine begin a primary search of the building. The truck company will begin vertical ventilation on the roof. The third engine will request an assignment from either the captain of the first engine, or the battalion chief if he has arrived. The third engine is usually responsible for shutting off utilities to the structure if this has not been done yet.

Medical Response levels

LOB Fire uses a three stage system for identifying the response needed to calls with injuries or medical problems. The Captain of the Engine (or Truck if one is sent in place of an engine) can request upgrades or downgrades to the level of call once the patients have been assessed.

  • Alpha - no injuries, no patient transport required.
  • Bravo - minor or non-life threatening injuries that can be transported BLS.
  • Charlie - major or life-threatening injuries that require ALS transport.

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