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*1001-1199 - State (Reserved for future use of state agencies)
*1001-1199 - State (Reserved for future use of state agencies)
*1201-1399 - Federal (Reserved for future use of federal agencies)
*1201-1399 - Federal (Reserved for future use of federal agencies)
*1401-1599 - Utilities (LWC, MSD)
*1401-1499 - Oldham County
*1501-1599 - Bullitt County
*1601-1799 - Transportation (TARC, Airport, TRIMARC)
*1601-1799 - Transportation (TARC, Airport, TRIMARC)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameLouisville Emergency Communications Network: MetroSafe
OwnerLouisville Metro Government EMA/MetroSafe
Owner TypePublic
CountiesJefferson, Bullitt, Oldham Shelby
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
KKV802, WPJV652, WPJV653, WQLL852, WQLL853, WQPE780

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Welcome to the Louisville Emergency Communications Network: MetroSafe collaboration article, a Multi-County Public Trunked Radio System located in Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham Shelby Counties, Kentucky, United States.
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On September 2, 2005 a multi-millon dollar emergency communications project began. This project will allow police, fire and emergency medical services in Louisville and the surrounding counties to communicate with one another.

Housed at 510 East Liberty St. Louisville, KY. dispatchers for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services are now located in one facility, thereby,making it faster for first responders to reach any emergency situation. Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and trained staff, Louisville Metro Government MetroSafe stands ready to quickly handle any emergency condition that may arise.

The Future of MetroSafe

To better respond to emergencies in a post 9/11 world, Louisville is investing in a $70 million-plus, state-of-the-art emergency communications network . This system will connect thousands of emergency responders throughout the region. The second phase is now complete, and work will begin soon on the implementing the new 800 MHz P25 digital radio system.

For the first time ever, MetroSafe will link communications for 911, the Louisville Metro Police Department, the Louisville Fire Department, Suburban Fire Districts, Local Government Radio, and Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services. In addition, MetroSafe will offer enhanced communication for all of the remaining 911 public safety answering points, or physical locations where 911 calls are received: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, suburban city agencies within Louisville Metro and the 13 counties surrounding Jefferson county.

October 2009 Update

Combine all public safety communications into one facility (Completed) Implement new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system (Completed) Remediation of permanent MetroSafe facility and migration of operations (Completed) Some of the current major milestones include:

Build a facility to consolidate public safety communications (Completed) Create interoperability at the console level by use of Motorola Motobridge and new radio consoles in Fall 2005 (Completed) Co-locate existing technologies (CAD and 911 systems) in Fall 2005 (Completed) Facility remediation (410 South Fifth Street - former Federal Reserve Bank Building) (Completed) New APCO Project 25 Digital/Trunked Radio Infrastructure implementation (Beginning in October 2009) Implementation of new 911 voice infrastructure Implementation of new information technology infrastructure Implementation of new public safety Wireless technology infrastructure Migration of existing operations to permanent facility (Completed) Ongoing testing and maintenance of fail over facility (Completed) The city's plan is to design a 30 to 35 channel 10 to 15 site 800/700 MHz P25 Digital/Trunking radio infrastructure. This system would encompass up to 535 base stations. In order for them to put all public safety, local government, public works and small towns, would require up to 5,000 subscribers. They will also be using VoIP gateway technology to communicate with legacy UHF, VHF, 800MHz conventional radio systems from agencies using conventional analog infrastructures. The dispatch center will be state of the art display driven consoles with touch screen.

They also have plans to build out a 4.9GHz broadband infrastructure possibly using Mesh technology. The radio system will also be capable of being firmware flashed to 700MHz when this band becomes available in the Metro Louisville area. Obviously there are many unknowns, and funding concerns.

This System is in the late stages of testing and It is not expected to be complete until sometime in 2010.


  • Simplex activated on FIRE radios only.
  • Frequency: 856.2625 203.5 PL

800MHz Mutual Aid

  • 851.0125 806.0125 156.7 PL 8CALL90 Calling
  • 851.5125 806.5125 156.7 PL 8TAC91 Law Enforcement
  • 852.0125 807.0125 156.7 PL 8TAC92 Fire
  • 852.5125 807.5125 156.7 PL 8TAC93 Medical
  • 853.0125 808.0125 156.7 PL 8TAC94 Command

Talkgroup Ranges

  • 1-199 - Law Enforcement (Metro PD, Metro Corrections, JTown PD, Shively PD, UL PD, small suburban police)
  • 201-399 - Fire (Louisville Fire & Rescue Suburban fire departments)
  • 401-599 - Medical (Metro EMS, JCCO)
  • 601-799 - Public Service (Public Works, SWM, Facilities, EMA)
  • 801-999 - Interoperability (Event, Mutual Aid)
  • 1001-1199 - State (Reserved for future use of state agencies)
  • 1201-1399 - Federal (Reserved for future use of federal agencies)
  • 1401-1499 - Oldham County
  • 1501-1599 - Bullitt County
  • 1601-1799 - Transportation (TARC, Airport, TRIMARC)

Unidentified Talkgroups

Law Enforcement

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag

  • 9 009 DE Unk Law 09 TGID 09 Law Talk
  • 10 00a DE Unk Law 10 TGID 10 Law Talk
  • 11 00b DE Unk Law 11 TGID 11 Law Talk
  • 12 00c DE Unk Law 12 TGID 12 Law Talk
  • 13 00d DE Unk Law 13 TGID 13 Law Talk
  • 14 00e DE Unk Law 14 TGID 14 Law Talk
  • 15 00f DE Unk Law 15 TGID 15 Law Talk
  • 16 010 DE Unk Law 16 TGID 16 Law Talk
  • 17 011 DE Unk Law 17 TGID 17 Law Talk
  • 18 012 DE Unk Law 18 TGID 18 Law Talk
  • 19 013 D Unk Law 19 TGID 19 Law Talk
  • 20 014 DE Unk Law 20 TGID 20 Law Talk
  • 21 015 DE Unk Law 21 TGID 21 Law Talk
  • 22 016 DE Unk Law 22 TGID 22 Law Talk
  • 23 017 DE Unk Law 23 TGID 23 Law Talk
  • 24 018 DE Unk Law 24 TGID 24 Law Talk
  • 25 019 DE Unk Law 25 TGID 25 Law Talk
  • 26 01a DE Unk Law 26 TGID 26 Law Talk
  • 27 01b DE Unk Law 27 TGID 27 Law Talk
  • 28 01c DE Unk Law 28 TGID 28 Law Talk
  • 29 01d DE Unk Law 29 TGID 29 Law Talk
  • 30 01e D Unk Law 30 TGID 30 Law Talk
  • 34 022 DE Unk Law 34 TGID 34 Law Talk
  • 35 023 DE Unk Law 35 TGID 35 Law Talk
  • 37 025 DE Unk Law 37 TGID 37 Law Talk
  • 38 026 DE Unk Law 38 TGID 38 Law Talk
  • 39 027 DE Unk Law 39 TGID 39 Law Talk
  • 42 02a DE Unk Law 42 TGID 42 Law Talk
  • 44 02c DE Unk Law 44 TGID 44 Law Talk
  • 48 030 DE Unk Law 48 TGID 48 Law Talk
  • 49 031 DE Unk Law 49 TGID 49 Law Talk
  • 50 032 DE Unk Law 50 TGID 50 Law Talk
  • 55 037 DE Unk Law 55 TGID 55 Law Talk

MotoBridge Agencies

Note: Several agencies have been removed from this list due to them now using the MetroSafe TRS for full time operations.

  • Clark County (IN) Sheriff
  • Floyd County (IN) Sheriff
  • Harrison County (IN) Sheriff
  • Henry County Sheriff
  • Indiana State Police
  • Kentucky State Police
  • Shelby County Sheriff
  • Spencer County Sheriff
  • Washington County (IN) Sheriff

Tower Locations

Location of Tower FCC License Sites
Delta Dental@9901 Linn Station Road KKV802-Site 6/WPJV652-Site 2/WPJV653-Site 2
Fern Creek FD Station 2@9409 Bardstown Road WQLL853-Site 1
Waverly Park@4800 Waverly Park Drive KKV802-Site 8/WPJV652-Site 3
Meidinger Tower@462 South 4th Street KKV802-Site 7/WPJV652-Site 1
Watterson Lake Park@Old Manslick Road and I-264 WQLL852-Site 2
St. Matthews FD Station 2@4400 Brownsboro Road WQLL853-Site 3
Petersburg@4601 Old Shepherdsville Road WQLL853-Site 6
Utica@807 Charlestown Road Utica (IN) WPJV653-Site 1/WQLL852-Site 1
I-71 at County Line@Hitt Lane and Ballardsville Road WQLL853-Site 4
Hopewell@13815 New Hopewell Road and I-265 WQLL853-Site 2
Mitchell Hill@11807 Mitchell Hill Road WQLL853-Site 5
Tower@1306 Bardstown Road KKV802-Site 9


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