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*UPDATE:  As of 8/1/13, Lyon County Sheriff Dispatch is P25 digital, with a NAC of 67.
*UPDATE:  As of 8/1/13, Lyon County Sheriff Dispatch is P25 digital, with a NAC of 67.
==Frequencies In Use==
'''Frequency Input    OutTone InTone     Description'''
156.21000 154.95000  025 DPL         Sheriff Dispatch - Analog
156.21000 154.95000  067 NAC         Sheriff Dispatch - P25
152.51000   703 DPL         Lyon Co Jail
154.16000 153.74000  127.3PL 156.7PL     Fire East
154.16000 153.74000  127.3PL 103.5PL     Fire West
154.16000 153.74000  127.3PL 141.3PL      Fire South
154.16000 153.74000  127.3PL 107.2PL     Fire Central
154.16000 153.74000  127.3PL 94.8 PL     Fire Little Rock
154.16000                      CSQ              Fire Talkaround
155.40000                      82.5 PL          Regional EMS -- Lyon Co. Ambulance Paging
155.34000                      82.5 PL              EMS 340 -- Lyon Co. Ambulance to hospital
155.34000                      CSQ                  Statewide EMS
155.34000                      210.7PL              MN HEAR (tone used by George, IA EMS)
155.02500 158.86500                  Road Department-DMR
155.37000                      CSQ                  Point-to-Point
155.47500                      CSQ                  Mutual Aid or VLAW
155.64000      154.65000      167.9PL              DPS Matlock
155.79000      154.65000      167.9PL              Matlock LEA
462.95000      467.95000      162.2PL              Avera Careflight Helicopter (Sioux Falls)
462.97500      462.97500      162.2PL              Sanford AirMed 9 Helicopter (Sioux Falls)
159.19500      156.10500      33 NAC              Iowa DOT Rock Rapids Shed Repeater
122.80000                      AM MODE              Rock Rapids Airport Unicom
151.22750      159.05250      unknown              Central Lyon Schools
==Paging Tones "Fire Tone Outs"==
==Paging Tones "Fire Tone Outs"==

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Lyon County, Iowa
FIPS County Number 19119
County Seat Rock Rapids
ISP District 6
ISP HQ City Spencer
IA DOT District {{{IA DOT District}}}
DNR Enforcement District 1
EMS Region 3A
FBI Division {{{FBI HQ}}}
FBI Resident Agency {{{FBI RA}}}
Lyon County database
Iowa Forum

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Other Geographical Information

  • ISP State Radio = Storm Lake
  • ISP/LEA Repeater = Matlock
  • Iowa DOT District = 3
  • DPH Region = 3
  • EMA Region = 3
  • FBI Division = Omaha

News and News Archive

  • Sheriff Bloemendaal reports the county radio system switched to narrow-band operation on May 7, 2012. However, the county is having problems reaching the "Fire East" repeater, so the modulation has been turned back up temporarily. The sheriff advises they are looking for a new site for "Fire East" and have until the end of 2012.
  • Bloemendaal also advised that Lyon County Sheriff Dispatch (156.210 MHz) will be switching to digital modulation (assume P25) this summer (2012).
  • As of 7/22/13, Lyon County Sheriff Dispatch (156.210 MHz) remains on narrow-band analog.
  • UPDATE: As of 8/1/13, Lyon County Sheriff Dispatch is P25 digital, with a NAC of 67.

Paging Tones "Fire Tone Outs"

Fire Departments

  • Alvord Fire/Rescue 411Hz, 600Hz
  • Doon Fire/Rescue 411Hz, 367Hz
  • George Fire Department 389Hz, 367Hz
  • Inwood Fire/Rescue 411Hz, 339Hz
  • Larchwood Fire Department 411Hz, 634Hz
  • Lester Fire/Rescue 411Hz, 355Hz
  • Little Rock Fire Department 389Hz, 430.6Hz
  • Rock Rapids Fire/Rescue: 366Hz, 349.2Hz

EMS Departments

  • George Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) 389Hz, 349Hz
  • Larchwood Emergency Medical Service (LEMS) 411Hz, 348Hz
  • Little Rock Ambulance 389Hz, 430.6Hz (same as Little Rock Fire)
  • Lyon County Ambulance: 601Hz, 634Hz

--Editor's note: Need to verify some of the tones, but 90% sure they are right.

County Unit ID's

  • 60-1 Sheriff
  • 60-2 Chief Deputy
  • 60-3 Deputy (Rock Rapids focus -- PD eliminated)
  • 60-4 Deputy
  • 60-5 Deputy
  • 60-6 Duty Jailer
  • 60-7 through 60-13 -- Deputies
  • 60-14 through 60-16 Conservation Officers
  • 60-18 Deputy

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Lyon County Sheriff's Office
  • Lyon County Conservation Board

Lyon County Law Enforcement Website

Fire Departments

EMS Agencies

Ambulance (transport):

  • Lyon County Ambulance (paged on 155.400, dispatch/hospital comms on 155.340)
  • Canton-Inwood Ambulance (Fire West Tower and Lincoln Co SD Fire 154.445)
  • Little Rock Ambulance (Fire East Tower)(dispatch/hospital comms on 155.340)

EMS (no transport):

  • George Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) (Fire East Tower, dispatch/hospital comms on 155.340)
  • Larchwood Emergency Medical Service (LEMS) (Fire West Tower, dispatch/hospital comms on 155.340)

Rescue Units:

  • Alvord Rescue (Fire West Tower)
  • Doon Rescue (Fire South Tower)
  • Inwood Rescue (Fire West Tower)
  • Lester Rescue (Fire West Tower)
  • Rock Rapids Fire Rescue (Central Fire Tower)

Trunked Radio Systems

Important RACOM Talkgroups

  • 1273 DEC / 09-151 AFS Iowa Emergency Management, District 3 (Includes Lyon County, and Lyon EMA has been monitored.)
  • 527 DEC / 04-017 AFS Iowa Department of Public Health, District 3 (Includes Lyon County, and Health Services Of Lyon County and Sanford Hospital, Rock Rapids have been monitored.)
  • All "LEIN" talkgroups