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Marion County Government

Marion County 911

  • Supported by 2 PSAP's, Salem PD and Centralia PD which serves a total of 34 Agencies, which include 11 Fire Agencies, 7 EMS Agencies, 13 Law Enforcement Agencies and 3 Emergency Management Agencies. The agencies are:

Fire Agencies

  • Centralia Fire Protection District, Centralia Fire Department, Farina Fire Protection District, Iuka Fire Protection District, Kell Fire Protection District, Kinmunday/Alma Fire Protection District, Odin Fire Protection District, Orchardville Fire Protection District, Patoka Fire Protection District, Salem Fire Protection District, Sandoval Fire District

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Alma Police Department, Centralia Police Department, Central City Police Department, Illinois State Police, Iuka Police Department, Junction City Police Department, Kinmundy Police Department, Marion County Sheriff's Department, Odin Police Department, Patoka Police Department, Salem Police Department, Sandoval Police Department, Wamac Police Department
  • Centralia Police 154.8 (Also Central City, Wamac)
  • Salem Police 155.190
  • Dispatched by Sheriff on 151.39 (formerly 159.09):
    • Kinmundy, Alma, Iuka, Odin, Sandoval, Patoka, Junction City

Marion County Sheriff's Department

  • Police - Mobile Extenders on 159.3975 WQTQ335
  • Usually has two deputies on duty. Radio dispatch for many small agencies in the county.
  • Kell, Walnut Hill, Vernon - have no Police (Covered by Sheriff/ISP)

Marion County Sheriff Dispatch on 151.390 for the following Police Departments

  • Alma , Iuka, Junction City, Kinmundy, Odin, Patoka (see Unit IDs for Numbers)

Emergency Management Agencies

  • Centralia Emergency and Disaster Agencies, Marion County Emergency Services Disaster Agency, Salem Department of Emergency Management


  • 159.79500 BM Carl Lk WDD Carlyle Lake Water Treatment Plant (Digital/Voice-Centralia) FMN WPXG453
  • 156.19500 BM CentrTS Road Centralia Township Road Maintenance FMN WPEN782
  • 451.75 Repeater Consolidated Water Service (Centralia) [Exp 12/03] FMN WPGC742
  • 452.75000 F FMC Water 1 FMC Water Company Telm WPAN654
  • 457.75000 F FMC Water 2 FMC Water Company Telm WPAN654
  • 451.15000 F FMC Water 3 FMC Water Company (Sandoval, Patoka) Telm WPLW532
  • 173.33750 F Hoyl WaterCo Hoyleton Water Company Telm WNYL506
  • 451.25000 F Kinmndy WDD Kinmundy, City of: Water Distribution Data Telm WPKP761
  • 151.67000 BM NEMarn Water Northeast Marion County Water Company: Operations/Data Telm WPYD813
  • 156.19500 BM PatokaTS Rds Patoka Township Road Maintenance (Vernon) FMN WQPF795
  • 154.02500 BM Salm TS Road Salem Township Road Maintenance FMN WQQJ637

South Central Illinois Transit (SCT) (Breese)

  • Shuttle transportation serving Clinton, Franklin, Jefferson, Marion, Perry, and Washington Counties

Municipalities and Districts


  • Served by Kinmundy-Alma FPD and Ambulance (dispatched By Salem PDd 911 151.220)


  • Police Facebook page
  • Served by Centralia City Fire Dept (dispatched By Centralia PD 911 155.07)
  • Served by Centralia Fire Protection District (dispatched By Centralia PD 911 151.34 Primary, 151.22 Secondary)
  • Served by Lifestar Ambulance Service ALS Dispatch on 151.19

Centralia (City) Fire/EMS Facebook Page

  • Dispatch by Centralia Police on 155.07
  • As of 1/12. not responding to non emergency calls
  • 460.5875 20-2 W mobiles (NFM Digital) Fire Department phone number on license KD29148

Centralia Fire Protection District

  • Serves Wamac, Central City, Walnut Hill, dispatched by Centralia Police on 911 151.22.
  • Established 1857; serves Central City ?

'"Centralia Township

  • Building has a VHF? antenna on the side of the building (8/21)
  • Ameren Centralia Gas Storage Field located on the SouthEast side of town.

Central City

  • Served by Centralia Fire Protection District
  • Served by Lifestar Ambulance,Centralia ALS Dispatch 151.19


Iuka Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched on 154.43 by Salem Police. First responders respond to all EMS Calls
  • 159.33 Mobile Extenders (NFM) WQSF547
  • Served by Iuka Fire (dispatched by Salem 911 PSAP 151.22)
  • Served by Iuka Fire First Responders - respond to EMS Calls (ALS in Salem) 151.19

Junction City

  • Junction City served by Sandoval Fire Department and Ambulance BLS (ALS Lifestar In Centralia)
  • 453.725 BM Street / Highway Department [Cancelled 7/03] FMN WPXQ555


Kell Community Fire Protection District Facebook page

  • Dispatched by Salem Police 911 151.22
  • Established 8/12/1965


  • Water Treatment Plant 451.175 Fixed WQOX826

Kinmundy Police

Kinmundy-Alma Fire Department / EMS

  • Serves Forbes Conservation Area, Dispatched by Salem 911 PSAP 151.22
  • 154.25, 154.43, 155.34 Base/Mobiles (NFM WRXV274


Odin Fire and First Responders Facebook

  • Fire dispatch on 151.22 by Salem PSAP 911
  • First Responders respond to EMS Calls (Ambulance ALS In Salem) Dispatch 151.19
  • 159.36 Base/Mobile (NFM for Interagency) WQUB219
  • Fire uses 155.745 as F2, "Go to 2"


Patoka Fire Protection District/EMS

  • BLS units, Dispatch by Centralia Police 151.22
  • ALS Ambulance LifeStar Centralia dispatch 151.190 and 151.22

Salem (City)

  • Salem Ambulance Service Marion County EMS and Medic 1 Ambulance ALS Dispatch 151.19 (OLD?)
  • 453.1 FX2, 453.975 FX2, 453.575 FX2 (Remote Links) to 155.19R/158.865 (please inform if in use) KRH829

Salem Fire Protection District

  • 9500 units; dispatched by Salem Police/911 on 151.22
  • Member of MABAS Division 47; Serves 10,000 plus residents covering approximately 124 square miles.

Sandoval (City)

Sandoval Fire Protection District

  • Dispatched By Centralia Police 911 151.22; EMS Provided by MedStar (???)
  • Facebook page
  • Dispatched 154.43 by Centralia or Salem Police
  • LifeStar ALS by Centralia Dispatch, to Sandoval, tone-out on 155.22


  • Served by Patoka Fire Ambulance BLS (ALS LifeStar In Centralia) dispatch 151.19


  • Served by Centralia Fire Protection District
  • Served by LifeStar Ambulance Centralia ALS Dispatch 151.19

Walnut Hill

  • Served by Centralia Fire Protection District and LifeStar Ambulance Service-Centralia ALS (Dispatch on 151.190)
  • 453.825 F Water Distribution Data Telm [Expired 6/11] WPJI657

EMS Agencies

  • Farina Ambulance, Kinmundy/Alma Ambulance, LifeStar Ambulance, Marion County EMS, Patoka Ambulance, Sandoval Ambulance

Marion County Ambulance Service (Odin)

  • Permanently closed per google. (4/23)
  • Housed in Odin and Salem; provides ALS units for Kinmundy, Salem, Alma, Odin, Iuka and Kell
  • Based in Salem with home office in Odin. EMS dispatch is now on 151.190 with ops on 153.095. (154.37R No longer in use)
  • Ambulance Service housed in Salem, local 153.095
  • Administration office based in Odin
  • 911 Dispatch by Salem Police on 151.190
  • 154.37 Repeater/ 53.89 179.9 PL EMS: Dispatch [Ch 1] (by Marion County 911) FMN WPMJ601

[Lakeside EMS (Centralia)

LifeStar Ambulance Service (Centralia) Facebook page

  • Founded in 1973."Centralia Dispatch" also dispatches for Alton Division and Springfield/Jacksonville Division (Alton Division closed 2023)

Radio ID's for DMR

  • 17 unit
  • 26 unit (1/21)
  • 100 Dispatcher (1/21)
  • 1000 Dispatcher

Former? Frequencies

  • 155.22 BM 107.2 PL EMS: Dispatch [Ch 1] FMN KAG286
  • 155.16 BM 88.5 PL EMS: Dispatch (Marion County) FMN KAG286


  • Enrolled in a mutual aid contract with Marion County EMS in case of high volume situations. The only 911 ALS ambulance service on 911 are LifeStar located in Centralia. They run ALS for Centralia, Wamac, Central City, Sandoval, and Patoka. The coverage for Marion County EMS is correct for who they provide ALS services for. BLS ambulance providers include Sandoval Fire, Patoka Fire, and Kinmundy-Alma Fire. On another note, There are not staffed ambulances based in the Odin station. The Odin station houses the administration, billing, and private dispatch. There are also 4 BLS back up units housed there as well.

United Medical Response

  • Facebook Page
  • Based in Salem, serving Salem 911 contract and Centralia (since 12/19) (also serves the city of Marion in Williamson County)
  • Units: 'United" or U-xx


SSM St. Mary's Hospital (Centralia)

  • Good Samaritan
  • Repeaters on 451.8625, 451.9125, 463.275 (NFM/DMR) WQZD430

School Districts

Centralia School District 135

Centralia Community High Schools 200 Facebook page

  • 154.505R/159.975 (NFM/DMR); 6/23 new 153.0575 Repeater with 153.0575 (DMR only) WQGQ15
  • 151.925 BM Raccoon CSD#1: Grade School (Centralia) FMN WPEB902

Iuka CUSD 7

  • 152.4575 Repeater/157.7175 Ops FMN Schools WQLI958

Salem School

Salem Elementary School District 111 Salem High School District 600

  • 152.3225 Repeater with 157.5825 (NFM at High School) WPPF513
  • Beck Bus Service (DMR/NFM at Salem) - 151.85 Base/Mobile, Mobiles on 152.945, 153.0125, 159.555, 159.765 WQVQ387
  • 153.56 BM Salem Community High School District #600: Ops FMN WPPF513

Sandoval School District 501

  • 453.825 Base/Mobile (NFM for School Buses) WQPF203

South Central CUSD 401 (Kinmudy) Facebook page

  • 461.675 Repeater (Kinmundy) WNVQ468
  • 451.9625 Repeater (NFM/NXDN Kinmundy) WQVE479

Marion County Fire/EMS Pager Tones (Tone-Outs)

Agency / Updated
Tone A
Tone B
Centralia (7/18) 151.22 D165 0 1700.0
Centralia Fire/EMS 155.07 D627 (long) (7/21) 0 903.2
Centralia Fire/EMS (7/21) 155.07 D627 234.6 1034.7
Centralia EMS (7/18) 151.22 D165 903.2 0
Iuka 151.22 D165
Kell 151.22 D165 1403 950
Kinmundy/Alma 151.22 D165 2807.0 834.0
Kinmundy/Alma Fire 1 151.22 D165 833.7 0
Kinmundy/Alma Fire 2 151.22 D165 2807 834
Odin (7/18) 151.22 D165 928.0 1122.5
Patoka 151.22 D165
Salem (7/18) 151.22 D165 0 1600.0
Sandoval Fire/EMS (7/18) 151.22 D165 1092.3 953.8

Previously Listed Fire Tone Outs

  • Salem: A=0, B=1555.2
  • Iuka: A=1185.2, B=928.1
  • Kell: A=2271.7, B=810.2 -- Units 9700, 9711,9734 (first repsonders to Kell; EMS by Litton-Mt Vernon (Jefferson))
  • Odin: A=0, B=688.3

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