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A Adam North District
A Adam North District
B Baker Northeast District
B Baker East District
C Charles Southeast District
C Charles Southeast District
D David Southwest District
D David Southwest District

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Indianapolis Police Unit Numbering


A Adam North District
B Baker East District
C Charles Southeast District
D David Southwest District
E Edward Central District
F Frank Northwest District
G George - IMPD Reserve Officers
S Sam - School Cars S5300'S
T Tom - Town Cars - Cumberland, Southport, Homecroft, Clermont, Giest (Shore Patrol).

NOTE: For below, X corresponds with letter above and # corresponds to shift #.
All districts should follow the following format:

X1## Day Shift Unit
X2## Middle Shift Unit
X3## Late Shift Unit
X4## Day Tac Shift Unit
X5## Late Tac Shift Unit

X01 District Major
X02 District Captain Day Tac
X03 District Captain Late Tac
X04-X08 Reserved
X09 District Training/FTO Specialist
X10 District Det Lt
X11-X14 District Det Sgt Day Shift
X15-X29 District Det Day Shift
X30-X34 District Det Sgt Mid Shift
X35-X39 District Det Mid Shift
X40-X44 District Det Sgt Late Shift
X45-X49 District Det Late Shift
X50-X54 District Narcotics Det Sgt
X55-X65 District Narcotics Det
X70-X89 Reserved (Could be used for Comm Relations Officer, Crime Prevention,
Crime Watch, School Police Liaison, and Comm Task Force)

X90-X99 District Civilians assigned Radio #s (Prosecutors, Crime Advocate,
Desk Radio, etc.)
X#01-X#05 District Shift Lt X408-X409 District NRO Day Tac Lt
X#11-X#19 District Shift Sgt X418-X419 District NRO Day Tac Sgt
X#20-X#69 District Officers X470-X479 District NRO Day Tac Officers
X#80-X#84 District Evidence Tech (Sworn) Late Tac NRO Lt, Sgt, Officers would be
X#85-X#89 District A.I. (Sworn) similar, only having 500 series #.
X#90-X#99 District P.S.O.s

Mounted Patrol Bicycle Patrol

MP01 ? Lt BIK### - can be any number as needed
MP10 ? Day Shift Sgt
MP11-MP15 ? Day Shift Officers Dive Team
MP20 ? Mid Shift Sgt No need to change, stay as is current
MP21-MP25 ? Mid Shift Officers

Parking Enforcement Accident Investigations/DUI

TRF1 ? Lt TRF2 - Lt
TRF10 - Sgt TRF5,TRF6 - Sgts
TRF11-TRF17 ? Squad 1 TRF9 - PSO
TRF20 - Sgt
TRF21-TRF26 ? Squad 2 TRF30 ? DUI Sgt
TRF31-TRF34 ? DUI Officers


CYC1, CYC2, CYC3 ? Cycle Lts
CYC10 ? CYC15 ? Cycle Sgts
CYC20 ? CYC64 ? Cycle Officers

K9 Section

K9 has already changed radio numbers


SWT1-SWT70 (to be assigned by SWAT Commander)
Only 3 officers will be assigned their SWAT numbers full time. All team members
would use the SWAT number on call-outs.


SO1-SO? ?SO? stands for Special Operations, to be used on a Bomb Squad
call-out or detail. To be used similar to SWAT and Dive Team.

Executive Office / Administration Division

"MT" is short for Metro or "Met"

CAR1 ? Sheriff
MT1 ? Chief of Police
MT2 ? Asst Chief of Operations
MT3 ? Asst Chief of Support Services
MT4 ? Dep Chief of Operations Area 1
MT5 ? Dep Chief of Operations Area 2
MT6 ? Dep Chief of Investigations
MT7 ? Dep Chief of Administration
MT10 ? Major ? Executive Officer
MT11-MT19 ? Legal Section / Reserved for Chief?s use
MT20 ? Major ? Special Services
MT21 ? Captain ? Special Services
MT22 ? Event Planning Lt (Support Serv)
MT23 ? MT29 ? Other Spec Serv Lts not covered elsewhere
MT30-MT35 ? Mayor?s Security Detail (Supv & Officers)
MT40-MT49 ? PIO Officers
MT50-MT59 ? Internal Affairs
MT60-MT69 ? Intel Lt (2), Sgt (6), and Officers (2)
MT70-MT79 ? Civilian Managers (Finance, Planning/Preparedness, 
ID/Citizens Serv Cent, Data Processing, Human Resources)
MT86 ? FOP President
MT90-MT99 ? Exec Civilian Secretaries, should they have need to be assigned radio #
MT600 ? Training Capt
MT601 - Academy Lt
MT602 ? FTO Lt
MT603 ? Range Lt
MT605 - MT610 ? Academy Sgts.
MT610 - MT639 ? Academy Staff (Officers)
MT640 ? JTTF Lt (1)
MT641 ? JTTF Sgt (1)
MT645 ? JTTF Officer (1)
MT650 ? Crime Analysis Lt
MT651 ? MET652 ? Crime Analysis Sgts (2)
MT653 ? Fusion Center Sgt
MT655 ? Fusion Center Officer
MT660 ? Homeland Security Lt
MT661 ? Homeland Security Sgt
MT665 ? MT669 ? Homeland Security Officers
MT670 ? PAL Supv
MT671 ? MT689 ? PAL Comm. Unit / Education Unit

900 ? 999 ? Merit Trainees
1100 ? Reserve Section Sworn Lt
1110 ? Reserve Section Sworn Sgt
1115 ? Reserve Section Sworn Off
1120 ? 1129 ? Reserve / CVP Supervisors
1130 ? 1??? ? Reserve Officers

Victim Assistance

Chaplain Section

2100 ? 2989, to be assigned by Division Commander