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Indianapolis Police Unit Numbering


A Adam North District
B Baker East District
C Charles Southeast District
D David Southwest District
E Edward Central District
F Frank Northwest District
G George - IMPD Reserve Officers
N Nora - IMPD Community Engagement / Behavioral Health Unit
S Sam - School Cars S5300'S
T Tom - Town Cars - Cumberland, Southport, Homecroft, Clermont, Giest (Shore Patrol).

NOTE: For below, X corresponds with letter above and # corresponds to shift #.
All districts should follow the following format:

X1## Day Shift Unit
X2## Middle Shift Unit
X3## Late Shift Unit
X4## Day Tac Shift Unit
X5## Late Tac Shift Unit

X01 District Major
X02 District Captain Day Tac
X03 District Captain Late Tac
X04-X08 Reserved
X09 District Training/FTO Specialist
X10 District Det Lt
X11-X14 District Det Sgt Day Shift
X15-X29 District Det Day Shift
X30-X34 District Det Sgt Mid Shift
X35-X39 District Det Mid Shift
X40-X44 District Det Sgt Late Shift
X45-X49 District Det Late Shift
X50-X54 District Narcotics Det Sgt
X55-X65 District Narcotics Det
X70-X89 Reserved (Could be used for Comm Relations Officer, Crime Prevention, Crime Watch, School Police Liaison, and Comm Task Force)

X90-X99 District Civilians assigned Radio #s (Prosecutors, Crime Advocate,
Desk Radio, etc.)
X#01-X#05 District Shift Lt X408-X409 District NRO Day Tac Lt
X#11-X#19 District Shift Sgt X418-X419 District NRO Day Tac Sgt
X#20-X#69 District Officers X470-X479 District NRO Day Tac Officers
X#80-X#84 District Evidence Tech (Sworn) Late Tac NRO Lt, Sgt, Officers would be
X#85-X#89 District A.I. (Sworn) similar, only having 500 series #.
X#90-X#99 District P.S.O.s

Mounted Patrol Bicycle Patrol

MP01 - Lt BIK### - can be any number as needed
MP10 - Day Shift Sgt
MP11-MP15 - Day Shift Officers Dive Team
MP20 - Mid Shift Sgt No need to change, stay as is current
MP21-MP25 - Mid Shift Officers

Parking Enforcement Accident Investigations/DUI

TRF1 - Lt TRF2 - Lt
TRF10 - Sgt TRF5,TRF6 - Sgts
TRF11-TRF17 - Squad 1 TRF9 - PSO
TRF20 - Sgt
TRF21-TRF26 - Squad 2 TRF30 - DUI Sgt
TRF31-TRF34 - DUI Officers


CYC1, CYC2, CYC3 - Cycle Lts
CYC10 - CYC15 - Cycle Sgts
CYC20 - CYC64 - Cycle Officers

K9 Section

K9 has already changed radio numbers


SWT1-SWT70 (to be assigned by SWAT Commander)
Only 3 officers will be assigned their SWAT numbers full time. All team members
would use the SWAT number on call-outs.


SO1-SO- -SO- stands for Special Operations, to be used on a Bomb Squad
call-out or detail. To be used similar to SWAT and Dive Team.

== '''Executive Office / Administration Division''' ==

Both IMPD and Sheriff executive officers use the designation "Car." 

In the CAD, IMPD uses "CR X" for their executive staff, while MCSO uses "CAR X." Over the radio, MCSO will usually say "Sheriff X" and IMPD will use "Car X" 

== IMPD ''(Updated 2/1/17)'' ==

CR1 - Chief of Police
CR2 - Assistant Chief of Police
CR3 - Deputy Chief - Operations
CR4 - Deputy Chief - Administration
CR5 - Deputy Chief - Investigations
CR8 - Commander - Homeland Security 
CR9 - Major - Investigations 
CR10 - Major - Training 
CR11 - Major - Administration 
CR12 - Major - Homeland Security
CR13 - Major - Night Watch 
CR40 - Lieutenant - PIO Office
CR41 - PIO Office
CR42 - Sergeant - PIO Office
CR43 - Officer - PIO Office
CR44 - Officer - PIO Office
CR45 - Officer - PIO Office

== IMPD Older Unit Numbers - ''Not sure if active''

CR11-CR19 - Legal Section / Reserved for Chief's use
CR20 - Major - Special Services
CR21 - Captain - Special Services
CR22 - Event Planning Lt (Support Serv)
CR23 - CR29 - Other Spec Serv Lts not covered elsewhere
CR50-CR59 - Internal Affairs
CR60-CR69 - Intel Lt (2), Sgt (6), and Officers (2)
CR70-CR79 - Civilian Managers (Finance, Planning/Preparedness, ID/Citizens Serv Cent, Data Processing, Human Resources)
CR86 - FOP President
CR90-CR99 - Exec Civilian Secretaries, should they have need to be assigned radio #
CR600 - Training Capt
CR601 - Academy Lt
CR602 - FTO Lt
CR603 - Range Lt
CR605-CR610 - Academy Sgts.
CR610-CR639 - Academy Staff (Officers)
CR640 - JTTF Lt (1)
CR641 - JTTF Sgt (1)
CR645 - JTTF Officer (1)
CR650 - Crime Analysis Lt
CR651-CR652 - Crime Analysis Sgts (2)
CR653 - Fusion Center Sgt
CR655 - Fusion Center Officer
CR660 - Homeland Security Lt
CR661 - Homeland Security Sgt
CR665-CR669 - Homeland Security Officers
CR670 - PAL Supv
CR671-CR689 - PAL Comm. Unit / Education Unit

900 ? 999 ? Merit Trainees
1100 ? Reserve Section Sworn Lt
1110 ? Reserve Section Sworn Sgt
1115 ? Reserve Section Sworn Off
1120 ? 1129 ? Reserve / CVP Supervisors
1130 ? 1??? ? Reserve Officers

Victim Assistance

Chaplain Section

2100 ? 2989, to be assigned by Division Commander