Mayes County (OK)

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Mayes County Sheriff

The Mayes County Sheriff's Office dispatches Adair, Langley and Disney PD units on 155.565MHz. The SO also dispatches Salina and Chouteau PD units after hours, hoildays and weekends.

County Radio Designators

  • Mayes County Sheriff's Patrol units are "Mayes*"
  • Mayes County Sheriff's Reserve units are "Mayes2**"
  • Sheriff's Office is "Mayes County"
  • Pryor PD Units are "Pryor*"
  • Pryor PD is "Pryor"
  • Pryor FD is "FD*"
  • Pryor Emergency Management units are "5**"
  • Pryor Emergency Operations Center is "Pryor EOC"
  • Locust Grove PD units are "Locust-*"
  • Locust Grove FD units are also "Locust*"
  • Locust Grove PD is "Locust PD"
  • Salina PD units are "Salina*"
  • Salina FD units are also "Salina*"
  • Salina PD is "Salina"
  • Spavniaw PD units are "Spavinaw*"
  • Spavinaw FD units are "Spavinaw8**"
  • Adair PD units are "Adair 4*"
  • Adair FD units are "Adair*"
  • Langley PD units are "Langley 5*"
  • Langley FD units are "Langley 4**"
  • Chouteau PD units are "Chouteau*"
  • Chouteau FD units are also "Chouteau*"
  • Chouteau PD is "Chouteau"
  • Disney PD units are "Disney 8*"
  • Disney FD units are "Disney*"
  • GRDA Lake Patrol units are "Lake Patrol **"
  • GRDA Lake Patrol dispatch is "Patrol Office"

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