McLeod County (MN)

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Welcome to the McLeod County, Minnesota collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Radio Call Signs

Unit ID User
100 McLeod County Dispatch
30x Glencoe Police
32x Glencoe Fire
37x Glencoe Ambulance
470 Ridgeview Ambulance
50x Winsted Police
52x Windsted Fire
60x Lester Prairie Police
62x Lester Prairie Fire
70x Brownton Police
72x Brownton Fire
80x Stewart Police
82x Stewart Fire
90x Silver Lake Police
92x Silver Lake Fire
11xx McLeod County Sheriff Admin
12xx McLeod County Sheriff Deputies
14xx McLeod County Detectives
15xx McLeod County Jailors
17xx McLeod County Sheriff Posse
22xx Hutchinson Police
23xx Hutchinson Fire
2700 Hutchinson Hospital Emergency Room
277x Hutchinson Ambulances

Radio Paging Tones

  • Paging tones on 154.41500 are 1/3 second timing
Agency Paging Freq. Tone A Tone B
Hutchinson Ambulance (LEC Page) 155.760/157.740 349 Solid
Hutchinson Ambulance (Hospital Page) 157.74000 349 Solid
Hutchinson Fire 151.43000 617.4 Solid
Brownton Fire/First Responders 154.41500 496.8 445.7
Glencoe Fire/First Responders 154.41500 358.6 321.7
Glencoe Fire Chief 154.41500 358.6 339.6
Lester Prairie Fire/First Responders 154.41500 524.6 445.7
Plato Fire/First Responders 154.41500 378.6 321.7
Silver Lake Ambulance 154.41500 524.6 496.8
Silver Lake Fire/First Responders 154.41500 321.7 496.8
Stewart Fire/First Responders 154.41500 445.7 321.7
Waconia Ambulance 154.41500 445.7 524.6
Winsted Fire/First Responders 154.41500 321.7 524.6