Miami-Dade County (FL)

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Miami-Dade PD Incident Codes

01 - Call Dispatch/Supervisor
02 - Call _______
03 - Enroute to Radio Shop/Having radio issues
04 - Motor Pool request/mechanical problems with squad car
05 - To -or- At the Station as per request
06 - Transfer/Relay
07 - Cancel
08 - On-call
09 - In service/Available for calls
10 - Out of Service (Administrative)
11 - Out of Service (Personal)
12 - Eating/Meal Break
13 - Information
14 - Conducting an investigation
15 - Assisting another unit/Backup
16 - DUI or DWI
17 - Motor Vehicle Crash
18 - Hit and Run
19 - Traffic Stop
20 - Traffic Detail (Running Radar/Observing Traffic for Violators)
21 - Lost/Stolen Vehicle Plate/Decal
22 - Stolen Vehicle
23 - Record/Tag Check (Valid/Invalid/Current Registration?)
24 - Complete Record Check (License/Wants/Warrants/Background Check)
25 - Residential/Business Alarm
26 - Burglary/B&E
27 - Larceny/Theft
28 - Vandalism
29 - Robbery (Armed/Unarmed/Strong-Armed)
30 - Shooting or Stabbing
31 - Homicide/Murder
32 - Assault/Battery
33 - Sex Offense (of any kind)
34 - Vandalism
35 - Drunk & Disorderly Person
36 - Missing Person (also Amber/Silver Alerts)
37 - Suspicious Vehicle
38 - Suspicious Person
39 - Prisoner/Arrest
40 - Possible Wanted Suspect/Warrant for Arrest
41 - Illness/Injured Person
42 - Ambulance/Rescue
43 - Baker Act/Marchman Act
44 - Suicide/Attempted Suicide
45 - Dead on Arrival (DOA)/Deceased Person Found
46 - Medical Detail
47 - Bomb Threat/Explosives Alert
48 - Explosion
49 - Fire (Residential/business/any type of fire)
50 - Organized Crime Suspect/Gang Member
51 - Narcotics Offender/Suspect
52 - Conducting Narcotics Investigation/Surveillance
53 - Abduction/Kidnapping
54 - Fraud (Any type of Fraud)
55 - Weapons Violation (Carrying Concealed Weapon/Non-Permitted)
56 - Court
57 - Case Filing/Deposition
58 - Training
59 - Off-Duty Assignment/Detail
60 - 2-Man Unit
61 - District Administrative Duty/Desk Duty

Q-Codes (instead of 10-codes, which aren't used in Dade County)

QSL - Acknowledge/Affirmative (Basically saying 10-4)
QSK - Proceed with Transmission/Go Ahead
QTR - Time
QRM - Repeat Transmission
QRU - OK/All Clear/Not Wanted
QRX - Stand By
QSM - Repeat
QSY - Change Channel
QTH - Location
QRL -Busy/Stand By

Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue (Medical Dispatch Codes)

For Fire-Rescue/EMS incidents they use certain codes at the time of dispatch, which are the EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) codes that are determined at the time of call intake. Here is a list below of how to decipher the incident, for example is you hear the Dispatcher say "Respond for a 6-Delta-1" which is a 6D1 you can look below and see that it's a severe respiratory distress call...

Alpha Response=Code 1--Low Priority
Bravo Response=Code 2--Mid Priority (calls that may involve First Responders)
Charlie Response=Code 3--Possibly Life Threatening
Delta Response=Code 3--Life Threatening
Echo Response=Code 3--Full Arrest or Imminent Death
Omega Response=Code 1--Lowest Priority

Abdominal Pain
1D1 Not alert
1C1 Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
1C2 Females fainting or near fainting 12-50 y/o
1C3 Males w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1C4 Females w/ pain above navel >45 y/o
1A1 Abdominal pain

Allergic Reaction 2E1 Ineffective breathing
2D1 Severe respiratory distress
2D2 Not alert
2D3 Condition worsening
2D4 Swarm attack (bees)
2D5 Snakebite
2C1 Difficulty breathing or swallowing
2C2 Special medications or injections used
2B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
2A1 No difficulty breathing or swallowing
2A2 Spider bite

Animal Bites
3D1 Unconscious or arrest
3D2 Not alert
3D3 Dangerous body area
3D4 Large animal
3D5 Exotic animal
3D6 Attack or multiple attack
3B1 Possibly dangerous body part
3B2 Serious hemorrhage
3B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
3A1 Not dangerous body area
3A2 Non-recent injuries >6 hours
3A3 Superficial bites

(A=Assault/S=Sexual Assault)
4D1 Unconscious or arrest
4D2 Not alert
4D3 Abnormal breathing
4D4 Dangerous body area
4D5 Multiple victims
4B1 Possibly dangerous body area
4B2 Serious hemorrhage
4B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
4A1 Not dangerous body area
4A2 Non-recent injuries >6 hours

Back Pain
5D1 Not alert
5C1 Fainting or near fainting >50 y/o
5A1 Non-traumatic
5A2 Non-recent injuries >6 hours

Breathing Difficulty
6E1 Ineffective breathing
6D1 Severe respiratory distress
6D2 Not alert
6D3 Clammy
6C1 Abnormal breathing
6C2 Cardiac history

Burn Subject
7D1 Unconscious or arrest
7D2 Severe respiratory distress
7D3 Not alert
7D4 Explosion
7D5 Multiple victims
7C1 Building fire w/ persons inside
7C2 Difficulty breathing
7C3 Burns >18% BSA
7B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
7A1 Burns 35 y/o
10A1 Breathing normally 35 y/o
12C1 Pregnancy
12C2 Diabetic
12C3 Cardiac history
12B1 Breathing regularly not verified 6 feet
15D5 Not alert
15D6 Abnormal breathing
15D7 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
15C1 Alert & breathing normally

Eye Problem
16D1 Not alert
16B1 Severe eye injuries
16A1 Moderate eye injuries
16A2 Minor eye injuries
16A3 Medical eye problems

17D1 Dangerous body area
17D2 Long fall >6 feet
17D3 Not alert
17D4 Abnormal breathing
17B1 Possibly dangerous body area
17B2 Serious hemorrhage
17B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
17A1 Not dangerous body area
17A2 Non-recent injuries >6 hours

18C1 Not alert
18C2 Abnormal breathing
18C3 Speech problems
18C4 Sudden onset of severe pain
18C5 Numbness or paralysis
18C6 Change in behavior
18B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
18A1 Breathing normally

Heart Problem
19D1 Severe respiratory distress
19D2 Not alert
19D3 Clammy
19C1 Firing of AICD
19C2 Abnormal breathing
19C3 Chest pain >35 y/o
19C4 Cardiac history
19C5 Cocaine
19C6 Heart rate 130
19B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
19A1 Heart rate >50 or 5 months
24D4 3rd trimester bleeding
24D5 High risk complications
24D6 Baby born
24C1 2nd trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage
24C2 1st trimester serious hemorrhage
24B1 Labor >5 months
24B2 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
24A1 1st trimester hemorrhage or miscarriage

Psychiatric Problem
25D1 Not alert
25B1 Violent
25B2 Threatening suicide
25B3 Near hanging
25B4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
25A1 Non-violent & non-suicidal

Sick Call
26D1 Not alert
26C1 Cardiac History
26B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
26A1 Non priority symptoms
26A2 Boils
26A3 Bumps
26A4 Cannot sleep
26A5 Cannot urinate
26A6 Catheter problems
26A7 Constipation
26A8 Cramps/spasms
26A9 Cut-off ring request
26A10 Deafness
26A11 Defecation/diarrhea
26A12 Earache
26A13 Enema
26A14 Gout
26A15 Hemorrhoids/piles
26A16 Hepatitis
26A17 Hiccups
26A18 Hungry
26A19 Nervous
26A20 Object stuck
26A21 Object swallowed
26A22 Penis problems
26A23 Rash/skin disorder
26A24 STD
26A25 Sore throat
26A26 Toothache
26A27 Transport only
26A28 Wound infected

Stab/Gunshot/Penetrating Trauma (S, G, or P)
27D1 Unconscious or arrest
27D2 Not alert
27D3 Central wounds
27D4 Multiple wounds
27D5 Multiple victims
27B1 Non-recent injuries >6 hours / central wounds
27B2 Known single peripheral wound
27B3 Serious hemorrhage
27B4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
27A1 Non-recent >6 hours / peripheral wounds

28C1 Not alert
28C2 Abnormal breathing
28C3 Speech or movement problems
28C4 Numbness or tingling
28C5 Stoke history
28C6 Breathing normally >35 y/o
28B1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)
28A1 Breathing normally 6 hours

Subject Unconscious
31E1 Ineffective breathing
31D1 Unconscious
31D2 Severe respiratory distress
31D3 Not alert
31C1 Alert w/ abnormal breathing
31C2 Cardiac history
31C3 Multiple fainting episodes
31C4 Single or near fainting episodes & alert
31C5 Female 12-50 y/o w/ abdominal pain

Medical Nature Unknown
32D1 Life status questionable
32B1 Standing, moving, sitting, or talking
32B2 Medical alert notification
32B3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

(T=Transfer / I=Inter-facility)
33D1 Suspected cardiac or respiratory arrest
33C1 Not alert (acute change)
33C2 Abnormal breathing
33C3 Significant hemorrhage or shock
33C4 Possible acute heart problems or MI
33C5 Acute severe pain
33C6 Emergency response requested
33A1 No priority symptoms