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Sioux Falls Area Radio Traffic Guide

Most Departments in the Sioux Falls area utilize the South Dakota State Digital System for radio communications. Some departments still use analog frequencies, those are mainly located in Lincoln County and other surrounding counties. Metro Communications is the main dispatching entity for Sioux Falls Police, Fire and ambulance, Minnehaha County Sheriff, and the local volunteer Fire/EMS departments.

Sioux Falls Police

The Sioux Falls Police Department utilizes the theSouth Dakota State Digital System for all of their communications. The divider for the city is Minnesota Ave. Everything east of Minnesota Ave uses SFPD East. Everything West uses SFPD West. The data channel can be somewhat boring to listen to. They use this channel for running names for wants and warrants, and also license plates for wants, registration, and etc. As far as call signs go the sergents use the prefix SAM, such as SAM 560. The K-9 units use KING such as King 2. The detectives use David such as David 5.

User Talk Group Use
SFPD East TG 23712 Minnesota Ave to the East
SFPD West TG 23728 Minnesota Ave to the West
MNHA law data TG 23808 Running names and License plates, County Wide
MMNHA LAW 1 TG 23760 For unit to unit communication, also used by MNHA SO
MNHA Law 2 TG 23776 For unit to unit communication, also used by MNHA SO
MNHA Law 3 TG 23952 For unit to unit communication, also used by MNHA SO
SFPD SWAT TG 23856 Mainly encrypted when used
SFPD TG 23744 Rarely used

Minnehaha County Sheriff

Minnehaha County is also dispatched through Metro Communications in Sioux Falls. MNHA SO used the call signs Adam and then the corresponding number usually 1-60. If there is an "Edward" call sign on the end the signifies that deputy is an EMT. The call sign such as "J-35" signifies a jail corrections officer. The only time they will normally be heard is when the are doing inmate transport. For jail communications the county uses an analog system, but one must be near the jail to monitor this system. Below the talk groups for Minnehaha County Sheriff will be listed.

User Talk Group Use
MNHA SO TG 23904 Main dispatch channel for SO
MNHA Law 1 TG 23760 For unit to unit communication, also used by SFPD
MNHA Law 2 TG 23776 For unit to unit communication, also used by SFPD
MNHA Law 3 TG 23952 For unit to unit communication, also used by SFPD
MNHA Law Data TG 23808 Running names and License plates, County Wide
MNHA SO SWAT TG 23872 Mainly Encrypted when used.
MNHA SO SWAT Interagency TG 23888 Used for interagency SWAT comms...not used often.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue (SFFD) utilizes the theSouth Dakota State Digital System for all of their communications. SFFD is an ISO level one department that is comprised of 11 stations that are dispersed throughout the city. All dispatching is done on Sioux Falls Fire 6. The units then acknowledge the page one the main channel of SFFD Channel 1. The stations are toned out utilizing station plectrons which turn on the lights and sound and alarm. Sioux Fall Fire is also paged out using ditial alpha numeric belt pagers. If there are large incidents they may utilize Sioux Falls Fire 2, 3 and so on for dispatching and fire ground use. Sioux Falls Fire is dispatched to all medical calls but they do not transport. See Sioux Falls Paramedics Plus below for EMS communications.

User Talk Group Use
SFFD 1 TG 23472 Fire Channel 1
SFFD 2 TG 23488 Fire Channel 2
SFFD 3 TG 23504 Fire Channel 3
SFFD 4 TG 23520 Fire Channel 4
SFFD 5 TG 23536 Fire Channel 5
SFFD 6 TG 23552 Dispatch Channel

Paramedics Plus of Sioux Falls

Paramedics Plus of Sioux Falls is a Texas Based company that took over EMS operations in Sioux Falls in early 2015. Prior to that Rural Metro Ambulance Service was the EMS provider for the area. Paramedics Plus does not utilize stations as did Rural Metro. They instead use "posts". Ambulance units will instead go to certain parking lots in the city and post while they wait for calls. On the channel you will head "968 at 105". The first number is the ambulance unit number while go from 960-968. The second number pertains to the post which goes from around 100 to around 110. Listed below are the talk groups that Paramedics Plus use on the South Dakota State Digital System

User Talk Group Use
Sioux Falls Metro EMS 1 TG 23696 Sioux Falls EMS Operations City Wide

County Fire and EMS

All departments are dispatch via Metro Communications in Sioux Falls. County Fire and EMS departments are dispatched via belt pagers and text messaging from dispatch to cell phones. Oddly enough Minnehaha County funds an analog two tone paging system and a digital alpha numeric system. The two tone paging is done on 154.415. This frequency is also tied to the SD Digital system . All departments utilize MNHA CO FD 1. If there are multiple incidents MNHA CO FD 2 or MNHA CO FD 3 can be utilized. Some of the main channels will be listed below. There are most talkgroups such as Minnehaha Special ops, but they are rarely used if ever. Some of the talkgroups at the bottom such as Minnehaha EMS and fire command are usually never used.

User Talk Group Use
MNHA CO FD 1 TG 23440 Main Dispatch and OPS channel
MNHA CO FD 2 TG 23456 Secondary Dispatch and OPS
MNHA CO FD 3 TG 23632 Tertiary Dispatch and OPS
MNHA CD TG 23568 Civil Defense 1 rarely used
MNHA CD 1 TG 23824 Civil Defense 2 rarely used
MNHA CD 2 TG 23840 Civil Defense 3 rarely used
MNHA CO FD Command TG 23584 Fire Command Rarely Used
MNHA CO Fire Staff TG 23600 rarely used
MNHA CO EMS TG 23616 EMS OPS rarely used

List of County Fire and EMS departments:

Medstar Ambulance

Medstar Ambulance of Brandon provides EMS for Brandon and the surrounding area and Hartford and the surrounding area. They are dispached for 911 call off of MNHA CO FD 1 from Metro communications. Medstar units range from 931 approximatly 936 for their radio call signs. 930 is used to signify Medstars dispach call sign. Medstar also does many interfacility hospital transports which they go through their own dispatch center out of Brandon.

User Talk Group Use
MNHA CO FD 1 TG 23440 Dispach Channel for Medstar 911
Brandon Medstar TG 29536 Medstar dispach for interfacility Hospital transports

Regional Medical Helicopter Transport

Sioux Falls and the surrounding area is served by Mckennan Careflight and / Sanford Airmed (Formally Sanford Trauma 1). Sanford is dispatched out of Sioux Falls on 462.97500. Mckennan Careflight is also dispatched out of Sioux Falls on TG Mckennan Careflight Ch 3 on the SD Digital System. They may also still have that tied to an older analog frequency of 462.95000. What will happen as with any other air transport service is for scene calls the local EMS or fire agency will call their dispatch center and request a helicopter. From their the county dispatch will make contact with the air craft dispatch center. The aircraft will be given a air to ground frequency. Almost all the time the call is in the county and the air to ground is MNHA CO FD 1 on the SD digital system. This will vary from county to county.

South Dakota Highway Patrol/Interagency Channels

The South Dakota Highway Patrol has three dispatching centers. The centers are located in Rapid City, Pierre, and Huron. The Sioux Falls are is dispatched from the Pierre Center. The highway patrol in South Dakota is divided into Squadrons or Squads. The Sioux Falls squad serves from the Minnehaha county line on the west side to the Minnesota border on the east on the southern Border of Lincoln and Union Counties to Just north of the Minnehaha county line up into Moody County. SD HP utilizes the South Dakota State Digital System for their communications. See the table below for further info. South Dakota also has interagency talk groups that are programmed into all radios. Any department or entity can use these channels to talk between themselves. These will also be listed below. Lastly the HP car to car channels will be advised these are mainly encrypted.

User Talk Group Area
SRC Sioux Falls 48 West Minnehaha County line to Minnesota Border
HP Sioux Falls Car-car 3792 West Minnehaha County line to Minnesota Border
Sioux Falls INT 816 West Minnehaha County line to Minnesota Border

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