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[[Category:Statewide Public Safety Systems]]
[[Category:Statewide Public Safety Systems]]
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Background Information

This system is a Motorola ASTRO-25 700 MHz TRS FCC License: WPTZ808 This system will be used by ALL State of Mississippi Public Safety Agencies, with County, and Municipality subscription possible. The MSWIN will be tied in to the MEMA, and F&W satellite radio nets for interoperability.


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FCC Data

  • On or about November 19, 2009 ownership of all Phase 1 Towers of Mississippi(ToM) owned sites was transferred to Florida Tower Partners, LLC dba Dixie Towers(DT). Around this same time Towers of Mississippi II(ToM II) became the name to be used on all Phase 2 and 3 tower sites owned by ToM.
  • By the end of December 2010 all Phase 1 leased tower sites have changed ownership once again. New ownership is by SpectraSite Communications, Inc. through American Tower, Inc.

All new construction towers are owned by either The Mississippi Wireless Communication Commission (MWCC), SpectraSite, or ToM II. The MWCC is leasing space on the SpectraSite and ToM II owned towers with an option to buy them outright in the future.

  • Mississippi Wireless Communication Commission's FCC info
    • FCC Licensee ID: L01412109
    • FRN: 0017905407
  • Florida Tower Partners, LLC dba Dixie Towers FCC info
    • FCC Licensee ID: L01404749
    • FRN: 0017816083
  • Towers of Mississippi's FCC info:
    • FCC Licensee ID: L01351022
    • FRN: 0017236050
  • Towers of Mississippi II's FCC info:
    • FCC Licensee ID: L01523660
    • FRN: 0019182047
  • SpectraSite Communications, Inc. through American Tower, Inc. FCC Info:
    • FCC License ID: L00132178
    • FRN: 0014350276

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