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== Radio IDs ==
== Wiki Articles ==
* [[MOSWIN FCC Frequency Applications]]
* [[MOSWIN Talkgroup Blocks]]
* [[MOSWIN Programming for Scanners]]
== Related Licenses ==
These are Paging Licenses/Leases owned by other entities that are undergoing an FCC Assignment of Authorization to transfer to them or be used on the MOSWIN system.
* [ Link to PDF File]
* WQAH684 152.525-157.555 / 157.785-157.815 Communications Equipment Holdings (St Louis)
* WPVM814 152.510-157.530 / 157.770-157.790 Communications Equipment Holdings (St Louis)
* WPVF232 (area 96)
* WPVF233 ?
* WPVF234 ?(area 96) Warner
* WPVF235  (area 96) Warner
* WPVF236  (area 96) (Transferred to MO State)
* WPVF238  (area 96) (Transferred to MO State)
* WPVF239  (area 94) (Transferred to MO State)
* WPVF240  152.615-152.645 / 157.875-157.905 (Transferred to MO State) (St Louis)
* WPVF241  152.645-152.675 / 158.905-158.935 Warner Communications (St Louis)
* WPVF242  152.705-157.735 / 157.965-157.995 (Transferred to MO State) (St Louis)
* WPVF243  152.735-157.765 / 157.995-158.025 (Transferred to MO State) (St Louis)
* WPVF244  152.765-152.795 / 158.025-158.055 Warner Communications (St Louis)
* WPVF245  152.795-152.825 / 158.055-158.085 Warner Communications (St Louis)
* WQMT585  152.765-152.795 / 158.025-158.055 Scott C MacIntyre (Jonesboro AR)
* WQMW917  (area 98)
* ???????  152.525-152.555 / 157.785-157.815 MO State (Bloomfield) move from BEA96 St Louis
'''Assignment of Authorization Licenses/Apps'''
?????????? for WPVF242/WPVF242/WPVF240 - Warner Communications
0004961767 for WPVF241/WPVF244/WPVF245 - Warner Communications
0004963364 for WQMT585 - Scott C MacIntyre
0005109389 for WQAH684/WPUM814 - Communications Equipment Holdings
The list below is an assumption of the Talkgroup Blocks allocated for counties in Zones 1 and 3.  Talkgroups for local agencies in Zone 1 start at 24000 and in Zone 3 at 4000.
240xx Adair
241xx Andrew
242xx Atchison
243xx Audrain
244xx Barry
245xx Barton
246xx Bates
247xx Benton
248xx Boone
249xx Buchanan
250xx Caldwell
251xx Callaway
252xx Camden
253xx Carroll
254xx Cass
255xx Cedar
256xx Chariton
257xx Christian
258xx Clark
259xx Clay
260xx Clinton
261xx Cole
262xx Cooper
263xx Dade
264xx Dallas
265xx Daviess
266xx Dekalb
267xx Gasconade
268xx Gentry
269xx Greene
270xx Grundy
271xx Harrison
272xx Henry
273xx Hickory
274xx Holt
275xx Howard
276xx Jackson
277xx Jasper
278xx Johnson
279xx Knox
280xx Lafayette
281xx Lawrence
282xx Lewis
283xx Linn
284xx Livingston
285xx Macon
286xx Marion
287xx McDonald
288xx Mercer
289xx Miller
290xx Moniteau
291xx Monroe
292xx Montgomery
293xx Morgan
294xx Newton
295xx Nodaway
296xx Osage
297xx Pettis
298xx Platte
299xx Polk
300xx Putnam
301xx Ralls
302xx Randolph
303xx Ray
304xx Saline
305xx Scotland
306xx Schuyler
307xx Shelby
308xx St. Clair
309xx Stone
310xx Sullivan
311xx Taney
312xx Vernon
313xx Webster
314xx Worth
40xx Bollinger
41xx Butler
42xx Cape Girardeau
43xx Carter
44xx Crawford
45xx Dent
46xx Douglas
47xx Dunklin
48xx Franklin
49xx Howell
50xx Iron
51xx Jefferson
52xx Laclede
53xx Lincoln
54xx Madison
55xx Maries
56xx Mississippi
57xx New Madrid
58xx Oregon
59xx Ozark
60xx Pemiscot
61xx Perry
62xx Phelps
63xx Pike
64xx Pulaski
65xx Reynolds
66xx Ripley
67xx Scott (Actually using 34xx, Future 67xx?)
68xx Shannon
69xx St. Charles
70xx St. Francois
71xx St. Louis
72xx St. Louis City
73xx Ste. Genevieve
74xx Stoddard
75xx Texas
76xx Warren
77xx Washington
78xx Wayne
79xx Wright
== Tables and Settings ==
|+'''Radio Shack Pro96 and Pro2096 Custom Table'''
!<center>Low Channel</center>
!<center>High Channel</center>
!<center>Base Frequency</center>
A complete list of the tables and which sites are using which tables have been posted on [ Google Drive]
== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==
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[[Category:Missouri Frequencies]]
[[Category:Missouri Trunking Information]]
[[Category:Statewide Public Safety Systems]]
[[Category:Statewide Public Safety Systems]]
[[Category:Regional Programming]]
[[Category:Missouri Trunked Radio Systems]]

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