Missouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN)

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  • There are currently NO Phase 2 talkgroups or Phase 2 capable towers (But some towers "report" as Phase 2 capable via pro96com) DISREGARD THE PHASE II NOTE BELOW

Public Trunked Radio System

NameMissouri Statewide Wireless Interoperable Network (MOSWIN)
OwnersMissouri State, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, St. Clair County, Bi-State Development Agency, Contact Wirless, LLC
Owner TypePublic
StatesMissouri, Illinois
CountryUnited States

System Details
BandVHF, 700/800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase II
ID1C5, 1C8, 1CE, 4F2,
3F7 ?, 3F8 ?

FCC Callsign(s)
KDN592, KNJH492, WPGU376, WPGX499, WPTS560, WPTZ785, WPUR564, WPVF232, WPVF236, WPVF238, WPVF239, WPVF241, WPVF243, WPVF244, WPVF245, WPVF814, WPVM796, WPVM814, WQAH684, WQKQ957, WQMW917, WQMY385, WQMY387, WQMY388, WQNA973, WQNR719, WQNW995, WQNZ209, WQOH863, WQOI777, WQOJ204, WQOL788, WQOL790, WQON746, WQOQ489, WQOS700, WQOU549, WQOU551, WQOV335, WQOV592, WQOV961, WQOW656, WQOX636, WQOX916, WQOY852, WQOZ255, WQPE354, WQPE876, WQPH479, WQPJ884, WQPP792, WQPP793, WQPR964, WQPU635, WQPU636, WQPV891, WQPW888, WQPX739, WQPY227, WQPY230, WQPZ809, WQPZ892, WQQA370, WQQA449, WQQA584, WQQA690, WQQA700, WQQA789, WQQB223, WQQC447, WQQD272, WQQD504, WQQD599, WQQE642, WQQE991, WQQF515, WQQF516, WQQF524, WQQF549, WQQF584, WQQF635, WQQF970, WQQG388, WQQG646, WQQG867, WQQH256, WQQH514, WQQL609, WQQM408, WQQN767, WQQQ233, WQQQ823, WQQS230, WQQY733, WQRC234, WQRU426, WQVB359, WQXK480

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  • Some talkgroups on this system may be using P25 Phase II TDMA modulation, which can only be monitored using a P25 Phase II capable scanner or receiver.
  • Click HERE for a list of scanners capable of monitoring those talkgroups.


The capability to communicate across jurisdictional and discipline lines (interoperability of communications) is one of the top priorities of Missouri’s homeland security program. Ensuring that neighboring jurisdictions and multiple disciplines can communicate with each other leads to better emergency and disaster response and ultimately makes for safer communities.

Missouri has built a statewide public safety interoperable communications system, known as the Missouri Statewide Interoperability Network (MOSWIN). MOSWIN is a network of communications towers, base stations and communications software. The project is providing the infrastructure that will provide interoperable communications throughout the state to both state public safety agencies and any local jurisdictions that wish to use the system for their interoperable communications. The system meets a Federal Communications Commission mandate that all public safety agencies in the U.S. operate only in a “narrowband” mode after Jan. 1, 2013.

The Statewide Interoperability Network serves two primary functions:

Missouri Interoperable Communications tower Providing internal communications capabilities for state agencies, including the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Department of Natural Resources and State Emergency Management Agency. Providing a statewide interoperability platform and access for local agencies to achieve interoperable communications with local, state, regional and federal agencies. The network operates five channels per site in the “trunked” radio mode and utilizes predominantly VHF High Band public safety spectrum (150 MHz) consisting of 75 radio sites statewide. For more information about MOSWIN email or contact the Missouri Interoperability Center.


Radio/Unit IDs (RIDs/UIDs)


  • Bandplan #0: Base=851.00625 Offset=-45 Spacing=6.25 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #1: Base=762.00625 Offset=+30 Spacing=6.25 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #2: Base=851.01250 Offset=-45 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5 Slots=2
  • Bandplan #3: Base=762.00625 Offset=+30 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5 Slots=2
  • Bandplan #4: Base=136.00000 Offset=-4.6 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #5: Base=142.42500 Offset=+5.26 Spacing=5.00 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #6: Base=145.32000 Offset=-1.6 Spacing=5.00 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #7: Base=140.11500 Offset=+3.465 Spacing=7.50 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #8: Base=139.57500 Offset=+3.885 Spacing=7.50 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #9: Base=137.27750 Offset=+0.9 Spacing=7.50 BW=12.5
  • Bandplan #10: Base=136.00625 Offset=-4.6 Spacing=12.5 BW=12.5

700 Mhz Site Templates/DVRS (Vehicular Repeaters)


Former Sites

  • 2 (2) 004 (4) St Charles Co Simulcast St. Charles, MO (Weldon Spring/OFallon KNJH492 WQKQ957 (used before moving to STLASE)
    • 769.28125 769.5625a 769.75625c 770.00625 770.50625 770.50935 770.75625a 771.10625

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