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METTS 99 - Mobile Triage & Treatment Station
METTS 99 - Mobile Triage & Treatment Station
MONOC 1 - Med Evac Helicopter
==ALS Units/Posts==
==ALS Units/Posts==

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***Dispatch and operations have moved to New Jersey Interoperability Communications System (NJICS) Trunked Radio System***

Frequency Tone Name/Description
462.9500 210.7 PL MED 9 - Dispatch (MONOC Control)
462.9750 210.7 PL MED 10 - Simulcast of MED 9
461.8000 210.7 PL MED 11 - Simulcast of MED 9 (Northern Monmouth/Bayshore Area & Southern Ocean County)
462.9625 210.7 PL Med Evac 2 - MONOC 1 Helicopter comms with Dispatch (MONOC Control)
462.9875 210.7 PL Simulcast of Med Evac 2
502.0875 412 DPL Tac 1
501.3875 412 DPL Tac 2
501.3875 192.8 PL PNC Bank Arts Center EMS 1
502.0875 192.8 PL PNC Bank Arts Center EMS 2
460.5500 CSQ PNC Bank Arts Center Ops

Unit Identifier System

100 Series (1XX) - BLS (Basic Life Support)

200 Series (2XX) - ALS (Advanced Life Support)

300 Series (3XX) - Critical Care Transport

400 Series (4XX) - Critical Care Transport (ALS/EMS Capability)

500 Series (5XX) - Coordinators

600 Series (6XX) - Support Units

700 Series (7XX) - Supervisors

800 Series (8XX) - BLS/EMS Transport

METTS 98 - Mobile Emergency Triage & Treatment Station Support Vehicle

METTS 99 - Mobile Triage & Treatment Station

ALS Units/Posts

Monmouth County

201 - Bayshore Hospital (Holmdel)

202 - Monmouth Medical Center (Long Branch)

203 - Jersey Shore University Medical Center (Neptune)

204 - Centra State Medical Center (Freehold)

206 - Riverview Medical Center (Red Bank)

MONOC Units communicate with Monmouth County Dispatch on County EMS 1. Units are designated with 59 in front of the actual MONOC unit number for communications purposes. 59201, 59202, etc. 59 is the County District Number for MONOC.

Ocean County

204/754 - (Jackson and Plumsted areas) Centra State Medical Center (Freehold)

205/755 - Ocean Medical Center (Brick) - Covers Southern Monmouth County & Northern Ocean County.

207/757 - Kimball Medical Center (Lakewood)

211/711 - Lakehurst

212/712 - Community Medical Center (Toms River) - Covers Western Toms River.

214/714 - Community Medical Center (Toms River) - Covers Eastern Toms River, Lavallette, south to Island Beach State Park.

216/716 - Southern Ocean Medical Center (Stafford Twp) - Covers Lacey south to Long Beach Island

270 - Lakewood Hatzolah ALS Unit

ALS (Advanced Life Support) units assist the EMS squads with victims with serious/life threatening medical conditions (heart attack, stroke, seizure, diabetic emergency, etc.), and trauma victims. A member of an ALS unit rides in the ambulance with the EMS crew to the hospital, and can administer medications to help to stabelize the victim.

BLS (Basic Life Support) units provide transports to the hospital for non-trauma victims and those with non-life threatening medical conditions. In some municipalities BLS units back up to the local EMS squads when the squads are unable to answer calls due to a lack of available members.

The 7XX numbers next to the actual MONOC unit numbers (205/755, 207/757, etc.) listed above, are the Ocean County designator numbers for those units. They are not MONOC 700 Series (7XX) units.

Ocean County dispatch communicates with MONOC Control (Dispatch) on Ocean County Trunk System Talk Group 928. Ocean County dispatch does not have capabilities on any of the MONOC frequencies. Ocean County dispatch communicates with the MONOC units on Ocean County EMS 1.

MONOC Unit Pager Tones

Unit Tone A Tone B
201 517.3Hz 606.7Hz
202 517.3Hz 621.2Hz
203 516.7Hz 638.5Hz
204 680.2Hz 907.0Hz
205 517.4Hz 666.6Hz
206 517.4Hz 681.5Hz
207 516.7Hz 697.1Hz
208 652.7Hz 616.6Hz
211 510.5Hz 746.8Hz
212 516.7Hz 771.4Hz
214 617.4Hz 707.3Hz
216 679.8Hz 667.6Hz
270 616.2Hz 1393.6Hz
313 616.3Hz 525.6Hz
816 1394.0Hz 422.8Hz
817 697.9Hz 395.5Hz
818 698.5Hz 443.6Hz
MONOC 1 1393.9Hz 616.2Hz
South Supervisors 1122.4Hz 697.1Hz

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