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==Portland Fire & Rescue and EMS==
==Portland Fire & Rescue and EMS==
===Portland Fire & Rescue Sta. Locations===
===Fire & EMS Incident Codes===
===Fire & EMS Incident Codes===

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Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO)

Patrol Districts


Multnomah County OR Patrol Areas.gif

Portland Police Bureau

Patrol Districts



Portland Police Bureau 2009 Precincts (PDF)

PortlandORpoliceDistrictConsolidation.png In 2009, Portland's five police patrol precincts were consolidated into three. North and Northast precincts were combined into North precinct. Southeast precinct was divided and merged into Central and East precincts.

Portland Fire & Rescue and EMS

Portland Fire & Rescue Sta. Locations

Fire & EMS Incident Codes

(EMS Codes from

AB3 Abdominal complaint/vomiting with signs of shock

BR3 Breathing problem with no other symptoms

BR1 Breathing problems with signs of shock or unable to talk or turning blue

CH3 Chest pains with only one other symptom (i.e. chest pains and nausea)

CH1 Chest pains with 2 or more of assorted symptoms

DR1 Drowning with victim unconsious and difficulty or not breathing

DR3 Person not drowned but was under water but been brought back

BU3 Burn victim up to 18% burns on non vital areas (i.e. legs arms) or sunburn, etc

BU1 Burn victim with over 18% body covered regardless of area

BE3 Behaviorial problem with a stated medical need to respond along with police

DI3 Diabetic problem not yet unconscious or severely affected yet

DI1 Person going into diabetic coma, noted behaviorial change leaning to violence

EL3 Electrical shock

EL1 Severe shock by electrical device with other symptoms

EY3 Foreign object in eye (mace counts here) which is non penetrating

EY1 Same as above but object is penetrating

FA3 Person fell, still down, unknown status

FA1 Fall more than 20 feet with no known traumatic injuries (if obvious or stated injuries this becomes a trauma)

BK3 Non traumatic back injury in patient over 40, or unable to move for unknown reason

BL3 Bleeding and unable to control

AS3 Assault victim

AS1 This is reserved for victims of gunshot wounds, cuttings, or rapes

HE3 This is the worse headache patient ever had

HC3 Heat or cold problems

HC1 Same as above but also unconscious

IN3 Inhalation incident (like in ammonia and bleach mixing or that sort of thing)

MN9 Man down; usually used for detox wagon

SK3 Sick person meeting triage criteria for code 3 response from ALS ambulance usually only showing signs of shock and unable to fit any other code

ST3 Stroke

TR3 Traumatic; injury to possible or non critical area

TR1 Traumatic injury to critical area or to possibly critical area with other symptoms

TA9 Multi-vehicle accident; fire only to check

TA3 Injury accident

TA1 Same as above but additionally violent mechanism (if caller calls and says head-on accident or pedestrian, motorcycle or bicycle code, or with a pin-in or rollover)

OD3 Overdose

OD1 Overdose and unconsious

UN3 Unable to rouse, but no other problems

UN1 Unconscious, not breathing or having difficulties

UK3 Unknown med problem as in "I dont know what is wrong someone just told me to call" type of deal

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