Myrtle Beach Communications (Motorola)

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HRP or Hard Rock Park is no longer in business so the talkgroups are no longer valid. Myrtle Beach Communications provides radio services to business and the freqs listed are for their own system. It includes Motorola Turbo which is encrypted and isn't monitorable. They also provide frequencys to businesses within the GMRS band also. Some law enforcement agencys pay to use the frequencys listed for the TRS during special events like Bike Weeks, dignitary visits to the coastal area and other occassions due it being encrypted and/or that many scanner listeners do not realize they use the trunking system provided by MBC. Its a good idea to have them in your scanner and check every so often or when you know there is a special event taking place in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding Horry County area. MBC charges between $500 and $1000 depending on features needed on the system for any user. Radio user fees after the initial purchase of radios are $15 to $25 monthly depending on the number of users. MBC also provides Motorola sales & service (via depot) and on site repair and programming also.