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|SysName  = NNSA National Security Campus
|SysType  = [[APCO Project 25]]
|SysID    = 02D
|CTone    = ?
|NAC      = ?
|Band    = UHF 400 Mhz
|Agency  = National Security Agency?
|City    = Kansas City
|County  = [[Jackson County (MO)|Jackson]]
|State    = [[Missouri (US)|Missouri]]
|StateB  = Missouri
|state    = missouri
|sid      = 7740
In brief trips thru KC the following TGs have been heard. Not sure if Bannister or National Security Campus: 4526, 4538, 4540, 4575, 4577. It really is quite busy.
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NNSA National Security Campus TRS
System Name NNSA National Security Campus
System Type APCO Project 25
System ID 02D
Connect Tone ?
Network Access Code ?
Band UHF 400 Mhz
Agency National Security Agency?
City Kansas City
County Jackson
State Missouri

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Welcome to the NNSA National Security Campus collaboration article, a federally owned trunked radio system located in Missouri.

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Note that all Federal frequency registration data is maintained by the NTIA (instead of the FCC) and is not available to the general public.

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