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The NXDN (Next Generation Digital Narrowband) common air interface protocol, which was developed jointly by ICOM and Kenwood, uses Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), employing a 4-level FSK modulation scheme. These companies and others together form the NXDN Forum.

Kenwood's brand for NXDN equipment is "NEXEDGE", while Icom's brand for NXDN equipment is "IDAS", or Icom Digital Advanced System.

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Can it be Decoded?

Currently no scanner supports decoding NXDN. Apart from using an actual Kenwood or Icom radio, the following methods are possible;

  • The AOR DV-1 copies NEXEDGE (no trunking, however)
  • Use either Digital Speech Decoder (software package) or DSDPlus software, along with a scanner which, in many cases, will require a Discriminator Tap
  • Reportedly the Whistler TRX-1 and TRX-2 will copy this mode with a free firmware upgrade. As of this writing, it's expected at the end of 2016. However, it's not known which version of NXDN will be copied, or if NXDN trunking will be available